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The Writing’s on the Wall

Western Hemlock for Gratitude
October 13, 2014
Soul Medicine
October 23, 2014
Western Hemlock for Gratitude
October 13, 2014
Soul Medicine
October 23, 2014


A creation story…


In the beginning, Great Spirit created the new world with breath and sound.

And behold, it was very good.

The Creative Four within God spread out over the lands and the seas, creating infinite life wherever they touched. So was born the four directions.

When the Four met in the centre of the world, they united and again became one, circling the new world in a bubble of light and love, honouring the seed of the Universe and its limitless potential.

As the earth became alive; the young mountains moving with the energy of God within, humanity took form.

The light of the Creator was in every heart, in every thought, in every breath.  There was only God.

AumakuaThe decision was made to veil the light, so that through the darkness humanity could know itself, and in doing so, would once again know God.

Only by created illusion we were separated… for Great Spirit was, is and always shall be within our hearts and souls, and in all that we know.  Still, there was only God.

Through the ages, from time to time, the veil has been lifted for a few souls who shared glimpses of the light that shines eternally.

The plan was set for the time when All would and know they too are light.

Support for the multitudes comes in all directions–angelic realm above, Mother Earth below, Nature and the elementals all around.

Even the souls amongst you are often unknowingly laden with gifts directing you homeward.  Open your heart and allow the Principle of Three to show you the way to know God again.

What does the wind gently whisper to you?  What secrets are the birds singing?  What truths run in the rivers waters? Can you feel the subtle touch of the angels delicate love?  Does your heart heed the call of God all around you?

The time is coming for all brothers and sisters to truly understand their sacred unity, to honour their journey and realize their divine potential.

The circle of knowledge travels east to west, and not a soul is left untouched.

And we shall see once again, there is only God.



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