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Western Hemlock for Gratitude

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October 5, 2014
The Writing’s on the Wall
October 17, 2014

Western Hemlock English Bottle

Some people believe the proverbial glass is half full and they look at life with pessimism.  We can all slip into negativity now and again… Western Hemlock can help us back into a state of gratitude.


This essence helps us to let go of feelings of disappointment, regret, bitterness and resentment.  If we feel we’ve missed the boat, or life has cheated us in some way, this essence will help us regain our sparkle and once again see life’s beauty and gifts.  It will help us feel grateful for life once again.


If you are comparing your circumstances to others or complain how people have treated you, if you are dwelling on misfortune, or feel there is nothing you can do about things, this is the essence for you.  Perhaps you long for the days of your youth…


Western Hemlock helps us to feel more grateful, and bring us a sense of grace, contentment, and feelings of being blessed.  This essence helps you to open to new possibilities.  This essence is very effective to help release patterns of negative thinking.


Whenever someone in my household is projecting negatively, complaining or being pessimistic, you can be sure there are a few drops of Western Hemlock added to the juice pitcher!

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