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Choosing Love Over Fear

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July 18, 2020
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So many people are feeling like things are shifting, not just in the outer world but on the inside too.  Throughout all of this change that we are experiencing, we have the power to make our choices out of love or out of fear. But do we have the awareness to choose out of love?

Today I want to share some wisdom I received from my friend and mentor, Garry Rondeau (shared with permission). I have known Garry for many years. He trained me in hypnosis, introduced me to shamanic journeying and, along with his wife Bonnie, took me through the levels of Reiki. Both Bonnie and Garry have been friends, neighbours, and instruments of Spirit for me on my path.

The heart has more than one purpose in our life; it does more than pump blood. It has so many dimensions. It holds wisdom, our connection to love, and sometimes pain. It’s also an energetic powerhouse.

We can open our heart, shield our heart or bury it behind a wall that distances us from our emotions and the ability to live life fully.

Garry has had heart issues for several years and has come close to leaving us more than once. During these times, his heart has been cracked open and in whole new ways.


Recently he shared some teachings he received while going through one of those “close to leaving us” experiences. …

 “I wonder if it is a fear that we all have, of living life fully in love at a deeper level. I own that at my soul’s level this is my creation so I can become a better channel of love. But fear for most of us is running the show and we turn away from who and what we are in the truth of our being. I know that has been true for me.

 Here a few things that came together, all at the same time, and click…. New realization.

ACIM tells us that there is only love. Everything else is motivated by fear and therefore is an illusion that we create or buy into because of our own hidden fears which we are projecting into the world.

 However we are in the driver seat. We make the choice to choose love or something else motivated by fear.  It is our choice, which means we can switch tracks at any time if we choose. It really is our choice.

 Before I went into hospital, Bonnie and I had started a practice of blessing instead of cursing. I honestly don’t know its source. We are always reading stuff, sometimes creating a practice to try it out. But it is really hard to switch to blessing when on the road of cursing. 


Blessing is from love and cursing is from fear.


Cursing is when you are not focused on the positive in any encounter. It is easy for my mind to fall into the trap, once I have been hurt in some way. Then I see only the negative aspects, going into scenarios into the future of what to say or do, most always in a way that is not coming from love.

Therefore it has to be coming from fear because there is only love. The fear path is the illusion.

Fear brings cursing but when I switch to GRATITUDE, I have switched to blessing. So even if I am not in a place of being able to bless a situation or person because I am totally immersed in a fear response, I can be grateful for whatever is directly in front of me– things like breath, the ability to see, my soft bed, whatever. When I switch to gratitude I am in blessing. No matter what is happening, I am not in jeopardy. All is in Divine Order. I can relax and trust everything will work out.”

Words of spiritual wisdom for you to ponder today… and perhaps some insight on where your communication is anchored, even if that communication is only the voice in your head, and how to step into love in any given moment.

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