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Something Different Evolved

Bringing Alchemy into Your Life
June 12, 2020
Choosing Love Over Fear
July 29, 2020

Sharing a beautiful letter of appreciation I received from a client who was really struggling when she first came to see me. My how she has grown… Seeing life as an adventure instead of a burden, finding joy and self-appreciation, and fine-tuning the creation of her life.


“It was 3 years after my dad died and I was still in this black hole. He was the only relative I had, my closest friend, my teacher in life, and my loving father of 58 years. I felt a loss I did not know I could feel. I felt like an orphan in the world. I was so lonely.

After 3 hard years, I didn’t want to be here anymore. One day I read your ad in the Tone magazine. I was at the lowest point I had ever been that day. I called you. We talked and I book a session.

I didn’t quite understand some things you did or some of the “homework” you gave me, but you genuinely cared about me and I needed that so much. I kept seeing you; your calmness, caring and devotion was and still is outstanding. Seeing you was soothing for my soul and a lifeline for me, and slowly I learnt to stand on my own two feet.

Then something different evolved. I started to learn things about myself, about life. It is astonishing the things I discovered – things about life, about energy and the Universe that textbooks don’t teach. You opened my eyes. I have evolved so much and so have the experiences in my life.

I still learn something new every time I see you. I am so grateful to you, grateful for the life work you are dedicated to, helping people cope one step at a time, helping them grow into self-awareness, helping them take back their power, with love and respect and admiration for our small and great steps.

Bless you and all the lives you touch Linda. Thank you.”




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