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Supporting Your Physical Body

Choosing Love Over Fear
July 29, 2020
What is the Diamond Ray energy?
September 16, 2020
Choosing Love Over Fear
July 29, 2020
What is the Diamond Ray energy?
September 16, 2020

We all have a physical body and there are things we can do to support it because having a healthy body makes our journey through life easier and more pleasant. Our physical health can impact our mental and emotional states, our hopes and dreams, and what we believe is possible for us.

I believe that releasing stress, processing emotions and letting of the past are part of looking after our physicality. Energy and frequency can also do wonders to positively impact our health and well being. And yes, we still need to eat healthy food and make sure we have enough movement and exercise.

It can seem like a big commitment looking after our health. But trust me, not having good health is a bigger burden.

For many of us, there are times we just want an easy button!

Recently I heard about Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, otherwise referred to as PEMF, a natural health care product that supports your health on so many levels.  It helps your body to optimally maintain and heal itself because it restores ion flow in the body, increases blood flow through the veins and mini capillaries, and stimulates he body’s own regeneration processes. It’s great for circulation, accelerated healing, pain reduction, energy levels, reducing inflammation, strengthening bones, better sleep, and even anti-aging.  (And more!)

Sounds too good to be true, right?

That’s what my hubby thought. But I just had a really strong sense to give it a try. I found a company with free shipping and a 30 day return policy so I figured I had nothing to lose. I ordered a PEMF mat and couldn’t wait to try it. All you need to do is plug it in, set the program you want to use and lie there. What could be easier than that?

Many people don’t feel anything when they are using PEMF, but I did! I could feel the gentle pulses of frequency as the mat went through its cycle. My spine felt warm and tingly, I could feel energy moving across my scalp, through my sinuses, in my throat and thyroid. Not painful at all, and it was really fascinating to me. It kept my attention through the 20 minute session.  It felt a bit like the sun was shining inside my body.

About an hour after, I noticed I had a lot of energy and had an increased sense of emotional well being. I am generally a happy person but I was really happy… for no reason.  I felt limber and flexible in the evening when often times I am a little stiff.  My right hip can complain if I’ve spent a lot of time on the computer because of all the sitting but this evening there was none of that! I felt like I was back in my 20’s again.

As I raved to my hubby, he decided to try it too. He could feel it pulse and activate through his back and different areas in his body, but he too could feel a warmth on the inside. He definitely felt a shift, so much so that he hopped back on first thing the next morning.

After using my mat once or twice a day for only a few days, I notice welcomed benefits. I have more energy.  I’m more motivated, more flexible, stand straighter, sleep better and feel fantastic. What’s not to love?

A Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) machine creates a special electrical current helping to restore ion flow and stimulates the body’s own regeneration processes.
A PEMF device creates bursts of low-level electromagnetic waves to heal damaged tissue and bone and to relieve injury-related pain.

The science behind the PEMF therapy is that pulses at low frequencies will penetrate deep into a living body. The effect stimulates muscle, bones, tendons and even organs, activating the cells and encourage their natural repair mechanisms. PEMF devices can help with a huge range of health conditions. This therapy uses low-level electromagnetic radiation to non-invasively improve and boost healing, immune function, surgery recovery, bone density, circulation, and physical energy. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is used widely as a non-invasive way to help the body heal injuries, chronic pain, digestion issues and benefits a wide variety of physical issues. It can even trigger improvements for chronic conditions like depression and diabetes.

It’s not recommended for people with electronic implants like pacemakers or embedded insulin pumps, or pregnant women.

If you have a health issue you’d like to improve or simply want to support maintain your best health, consider adding PEMF to your daily protocol.  There are all kinds of PEMF mats and devices available  on the market, some with lots of bells and whistles that are quite pricey.  I ordered my mat from Oxford Medical Instruments, a leading natural health care products manufacturer that has been in business for over 10 years. It offers PEMF machines, Saltpipes, Air purifiers, Polarized Light Lamps, Anti-Obesity devices… and more… at affordable prices.

If you’d like to support your health with easy-to-use at-home devices, for more information please Click here to visit Oxford Medical Instruments USA, Inc.



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