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Accessing Your Unconscious through Handwriting

August 30, 2013
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September 2, 2013


Handwriting is much more interesting than most people realize. When we write, we are not consciously forming each and every letter. Our conscious mind is busy thinking thoughts to write, but it is our unconscious actually forming the letters.


paper-23288_150We can actually use handwriting as a tool to access and impress upon our subconscious. In fact you can deliberately change your handwriting, and over time this will be reflected in your emotional and behaviour patterns, and beliefs.  Vimala Rodgers has some very interesting books and courses that teach you how to analyze your writing and implement changes that can positively impact your life.


In fact, if you want to work with affirmations on your own, my recommendation would be to either tap them in using the EFT points, or to write them out repeatedly while you think them so they can be implanted in the subconscious. It is far more effective than just repeating affirmations. You need to believe them!


Writing out your desires in positive language helps program your subconscious to manifest.  Remember your subconscious resembles a 6 year old, so it is best not to use complex language patterns. Think about how you talk to yourself during internal dialogues, and use similar language patterns.  With daily practice, you will notice shifts in your personality. This can take weeks or months depending on what belief you are trying to instill, and how much resistance there is on the level of the unconscious.


Psych-K is a modality that allows you to install beliefs and affirmations directly into the subconscious, producing a more immediate shift.  As an added bonus you might like to tap or write out the beliefs to further support any changes you have made using Pscyh-K.  Remember change doesn’t have to be difficult!

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