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A Simple Exercise to Raise Your Vibration

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September 2, 2013
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September 6, 2013


A friend of mine shared this simple exercise to raise your vibration.  Use your intention and open to the vibration of unconditional love when you make the affirmations.   You can also tap through the EFT points if you like.



LOVE   before me

(tap eyebrow point – where the eye brow starts above the bridge of the nose)

LOVE   behind me 

(tap the side of the eye – where the eyebrow finishes)


LOVE   at my left

(tap on the cheekbone directly underneath the eye)


LOVE  at my right

(tap under the nose)


LOVE   above me

(tap the chin spot, in the hollow under the lips)


LOVE   below me

(tap on either side of the collarbone where it starts in the center of the chest)


LOVE   on to me

(tap about 4 inches  underneath the either arm – or both)


LOVE   in my surroundings

(tap the liver spot, just underneath either breast)


LOVE to all 

(tap the top of the head)


Breathe in love & light… and exhale deeply.

Notice the shift in your energy.


You can expand this exercise by replacing   LOVE  with   JOY,   PEACE,  LIGHT  or any other positive vibration that you would like to connect to.



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