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August 27, 2013
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September 2, 2013


There is a lot of talk these days about how the world is changing; a change in consciousness…  with the end result being a raise in compassion, caring and unity. Some call this the 5th dimension, and caution that between now and then, we need to clear out our emotional baggage! There is no place for holding anger & resentment, grief & guilt, fear or any other negative emotion in the 5th dimension.  Is all this talk about the 5th dimension true?  Who knows…


But it’s always a good idea to clear out your emotional baggage!  It takes so much energy to carry all that heaviness around.  Sometimes things can be challenging when they come up to be cleared, so please be patient with yourself and others. If you need help working through your issues, get help! There are many practitioners, myself included, skilled in helping people release negative emotions, beliefs and patterns.  Know that things are showing up because it’s time to release them. This leaves more space for joy & contentment. You will be able to feel the joy that naturally lives within you…even though it is sometimes buried under many layers.


Slow down… when you are busy or overwhelmed… breathe… take some time to be present… to feel the crisp, fresh air as you inhale… the warmth of the air as you exhale… the gentle breeze on your cheek…the weightlessness of those big Charlie Brown snowflakes.  Slow down and allow yourself to see the beauty of life, to feel connection and inspiration.  When you’re thinking about the past or the future, you are missing the joy available to you in the moment. The past is memory, your interpretation of previous experience.  The future is only projection and possibility.


It’s good to remember that it’s not ‘stuff’ that really brings you joy.  Joy is an emotion that comes from within.  It’s awakened by your connection… by your relationship with someone or something…  Whether it’s Spirit, a friend or total stranger, working at something you are passionate about, noticing the intricacy of a delicate flower, or smelling a delicious fragrance… feeling joy starts by being present in your relationship with any thing, allowing gratitude, acceptance and appreciation to be your focus.


123rf.13446713_sTry it. Find something to focus on for a moment… seeing only its beauty.  Feel your appreciation and total acceptance in the moment.  Can you feel the joy well up within you?  It’s warm and expansive and contagious.  Soon all the cells in your body are singing joy.  In this moment, life is a gift.  Enjoy it.  My wish for you is to experience joy more often.  If you consciously connect with it now and again, it becomes easier to access.  As you focus on joy, you will find more of it in your life.  What could be better than that?


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