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Where is Your Reason?

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December 4, 2019
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January 26, 2020

A few days ago I was thinking about someone I know who is always so busy, there’s little time to stop and smell the roses. Her time is divvied up between seeing clients, trainings and courses, volunteering, babysitting, and all kinds of other things. Who isn’t like that these days, right?

In that moment when I was thinking about her in her way of being, a message came through. I heard the words “She is looking for her reason to be here outside herself.”

And the next moment, the words, “Look for your reason to be here INSIDE.”


There was a knowing that came with this message which I want to share with you today.

If you consider your life here on earth, you are here for your own soul’s evolution. After all, this is YOUR life path you are on. Your purpose truly does live within you and within your experiences for self discovery and expression.

When you consider the context of specific experiences and choices, the guidance here is to ensure you choose according to your own intuitive knowing, your needs and desires (and I don’t mean in a selfish way). This is more about being in alignment with who you truly are, filling your own tank and from that place contributing to the whole.

If you agree to a request and it warms your heart or you feel it is the right thing to do, it is serving you. It becomes a form of self expression. If you feel resentment and regret, that is the energy you carry in relationship to what you do and who you interact with, and project it back onto yourself. Is that truly serving you or those involved?

If your reason for doing things is outside yourself, you are finding your value from what you do, what you give, what you know or have. But in truth you have inherent value just by being. By seeking external confirmation that you are good enough, or even finding your own value outside your self, you are creating a belief system of hierarchy where one soul has more value than another. Depending on what you do, what you give, what you know or have becomes the foundation of your worth. You then open the door to allow judgment, competitiveness, arrogance, envy, shame and a whole slew of unhealthy attitudes and emotions.

And that doesn’t really serve anyone.

When your reasons are found inside, you give yourself permission to be you, to be good enough.  You radiate your light, share your presence, and that in itself serves the whole. It inspires, heals and empowers everyone.

It is a very fine line and sometimes takes brutal honesty with yourself to know the truth.

But if you can be honest with yourself, it will bring you more awareness, strengthen your integrity, offer you more choice and continued opportunity to express authentically.

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