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Bringing Alchemy into Your Life

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January 14, 2020
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March 7, 2020

I offer my skills as intuitive & healer because I so clearly see how people limit themselves, get stuck in old paradigms & don’t know how to get out. Sometimes they don’t even know they are stuck or that their thoughts, behaviors & stories directly limit them. They see their issues as being a product of their circumstances, NOT as something within themselves they have the power to change. I can see/feel/hear their patterns, their emotional baggage & limiting beliefs & how their energy system responds. And can see their light & what is possible for them, if they only choose differently.

Because I had a rare & aggressive cancer with a very gloomy prognosis, I stepped away from traditional medicine & healed myself alternatively.  It was a challenging journey but one that opened me up to miracles, magic, mystical experiences & spiritual possibilities.

My world & my life was totally rocked & transformed.  It blew the roof off of what I believed was possible, gave me a perspective of wonder & the knowing that miracles are natural expressions of the divine, and an incredible connection to something far greater than what we consider humans to be.  Yet it is within every one of us. We are so much more than we think.

I was catapulted forward in a journey of self-empowerment and depth of awareness. And I am still always pushing my own boundaries of possibility.

This inspires me to help others step out of the box they’ve created & lived from, so they can understand the energetics that supports their creation and dismantle it (or expand it if it is aligned with your desires).

I want everyone to know they are more powerful than they know, that they are loved & valued more than they can imagine and in a way that is eternal, non-judging, and totally divine. I want to help them open to possibilities that are beyond their previous comprehension so they can discover their true self, their spirit and their authentic expression. Not to mention all the adventure, expansion, prosperity & abundance that comes with the journey.

And in the process, if I can show them their resilience and their ability to transform their life, let go their pain & suffering go and love their life, I have done my part. This is alchemy from the inside out. This is what I did for myself.

This kind of depth is not instantaneous and not for those looking for a quick fix.  They don’t need to be fixed. They need awareness and understanding, and a new structure with which to make their choices. One that is empowering and can create amazing transformation.

This work is for people who want to do the deep dive and who are willing to put time and effort into self exploration, self awareness and are willing to take responsibility for their life from here on out. This is the place of power. I teach them a whole new way to look at their life.




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