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Where Angels Fear to Tread

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February 22, 2019
April 2, 2019


Spiritual beings having a physical experience? That is how many spiritual people describe the experience of life. Still, the concept of “sacred sexuality” is not supported in our culture.

Many spiritually oriented people are comfortable with the value of the “sacred”—but the connection with “sexuality” may not be so clear, or may not be experienced in everyday life. We may think this doesn’t matter as much as our spiritual life, and we mostly just need to make peace with our sexual fortunes (or lack thereof). At worst, we continue the tradition of putting sexuality into the “shadow,” fearing and avoiding the issue(s), suppressing our vitality along with our sexuality, living only part of our potential!

The people interested mostly in the “sexuality” part of it aspire to an active, fulfilling sex life, but may not see any connection between that and the “sacred.” Many want to keep spirituality and especially religion out of their sex lives, because of the long history of prudishness and repression that the religious and spiritual systems have imposed.

Either way, there is rampant suffering around this issue in our culture: mismatches between partners, ignorance about what to do about it, sexual abuse and power plays, or just feeling that something is horribly missing. Susanna will clarify these difficult issues and offer an experiential taste of how the “higher” and “lower” expressions of the Divine can be integrated, thereby enriching both.

Join us for An Introduction to Sacred Sexuality, a talk and mini workshop on May 24th at the Living Science Wellness Centre. You will gain deeper understanding and experience of sexuality as the Life Force — and why taking the lid off of your sexuality in a balanced, safe, holistic context can both enrich your sex life and help you express more of your personal power.


For more information or to register for this event, please click here.

Guest blog by Susanna McCan

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