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Transforming Beliefs

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August 15, 2013
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August 21, 2013


hatching-163569_150What came first, the chicken or the egg?  Perhaps you have had experiences that prove your beliefs… Or, did your beliefs create the experience?  Or perhaps an experience happened, and you focused on the details that allowed it to fit in the box of your belief system?


Science has shown us that our neurology takes in about 2 million + bits of information per second through our various sensory channels. The human brain is only capable of handling about 134 bits per second. That’s a big difference!


We group those 134 bits into manageable levels of approximately 5-9 categories so we can handle them more manageably. From here, many facts are deleted, distorted and generalized greatly from the original 2 million + bits of info.  This means that we leave out a lot of information in our perceptions.  You are leaving out so much information from what you see, feel and hear because you can’t attend to all the information that is coming to you. Your perception is only based on what you can focus.


An external event comes inside your neurology to be processed through your mental facilities.  Because you can’t process all the bits and bytes of information coming at you, your unconscious automatically filters out according to time, space, matter, energy, language, memories, decisions, values, beliefs and attitudes.  Your experience is filtered and an internal representation of it is made using pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, and smells. Your unconscious is labelling them using your internal dialogue.  I’ll give you an example: To my subconscious, a mountain  represents great burden. To another, it could represent great achievement, reaching the heights, being closer to God or nature, on top of the world, incredible beauty, etc.


And your self talk and internal dialogue are always giving suggestions to your unconscious mind.  Your point of view makes a difference to how you process your life experiences, so what you tell your subconscious is very important!  The information your conscious mind focuses its intentions on actually gives direction to the subconscious.


And it’s not just in your mind.  Your neurotransmitters communicate with every single cell in your body. Every cell in your body is being affected by your neurotransmitters… this is the mind-body connection.


Imagine what beliefs you might have unknowingly taken on about aging, health, relationships, and money?   Imagine how they might be affecting your reality?


If you believe something, you are more apt to get results according to your beliefs. Perhaps you are more in control of your experience of life than you think!

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