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Are You Ready for Change?

Transforming Beliefs
August 16, 2013
Health Tips & Tidbits
August 27, 2013
Transforming Beliefs
August 16, 2013
Health Tips & Tidbits
August 27, 2013


bored-16811_640Tired of the same old same old at work?  Are you drained from the monotony… or too stressed out to even notice you are in a rut? Think about it for a moment… How do you feel when you think about your work? Creative, open and expansive?  Over-whelmed and stressed… or bored and suppressed?  Do you feel heavy or light?  Have you lost interest?


How can you have more fun and make money too?  Is that even possible?  Why not?  Where does your mind go when you read that?  Listen to the stories you tell yourself… Are they ripe with possibilities and opportunity or dead-end comments like “Nobody likes their job” or “Work is meant to be hard?”


What do you tell yourself about your relationships?  About yourself?  Your body? Or your worth?


The stories we hear from others and the ones we tell ourselves colour our perception, and in turn our experiences and our outlook on life.  And how can we change that?  We just need to change our mind.  Not just a conscious decision; we need to have cooperation with the subconscious mind as well.


The unconscious or subconscious is like a super computer and can process an incredible amount of information per second. On the other hand, our conscious mind has a hard time remembering where we left our keys while we are talking to our partner, keeping an eye on the kids and unpacking the groceries.  It’s also responsible for keeping you alive and has an interwoven relationship with your body. The subconscious mind beats our heart, regulates our blood pressure, digests our food, and activates our immune system.  Imagine if you had to consciously control the functions of your body?  Not possible!


Our amazing super computer also holds our belief system and all of our programming.  Researchers have discovered that until about the age of 6 years old, we are literally in a subconscious state all the time.  This is so that we can gather all the information we can about our environment.  We are in a super learning state. This is also the time we unconsciously pick up a lot of negative beliefs from our parents, the TV and elsewhere in our environment. Of course we can pick up new beliefs at any age by accepting thoughts and beliefs we hear as true or by repeating certain thoughts or hearing certain ideas over and over again until our mind believes they are true.


Some of this baggage is even genetically coded in our DNA.  Maybe your grandparents or great-grandparents were very wealthy before the depression and lost everything. Maybe somewhere deep in your psyche you have accepted that struggle with money and continue the pattern.


Maybe you think that if that’s the case – “it’s in my DNA, why should I even try?  I’m fighting a losing battle…”  WRONG!  Just read Bruce Lipton’s book “The Biology of Belief.” He is a cellular biologist whose research has proved that your beliefs have more impact on your life than your genetic coding.  In fact, you can affect your DNA and turn off specific genes with your beliefs and perception. That’s incredible!  It also means we have more control over our life experience than many of us think.


Some of the work I do focuses on clearing out that baggage we carry with us… and often we don’t even know we have it… things like limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, and negative thought patterns. Do you want to know what is in your subconscious? Look at your life and pay particular attention to patterns. Do you always seem to attract dead end jobs?  Or the same kind of relationships?  Or money issues?


l love to see positive change.


I have seen it repeatedly in my own life and with my clients. Change is the one constant in the world. Nothing ever stays exactly the same and the more we resist change, the harder change is for us.  It’s like paddling upstream.

And yet, if we can embrace change, life becomes more interesting and a journey of self discovery.  But we need a level of openness to have that attitude.  But too often people feel stuck… or fear change because of the unknown.


Energy medicine can clear the blocks that are keeping you stuck.  I use a number of different techniques under the umbrella of energy psychology to make gentle yet effective shifts. I listen to your energy system and use whatever technique I am guided to use to release or unblock the stuck energy, emotion, thought patterns or beliefs.  Most of the techniques I use work equally well in person, over the telephone, or with a surrogate.   Some modalities need a focus to work on, and some don’t, but I do think that defining an intention while we work together is important.  Sessions typically range from 60-90 minutes.


I find the biggest obstacle to quick and effective transformation is one’s attitude.  Sometimes we want things to change in our lives, but we don’t want to change – we want the world around us to change.  Once we understand that there is something about us that on some level of our being has attracted our issues to us, we can then take responsibility for changing them. We often repeat patterns or create similar situations until we work through our issues or truly decide we want something different.  I have seen phobias fall away, relationship issues change, and pain disappear. Often clients report receiving sudden inspiration and guidance.


Are you ready for change?

If you are ready to:

  • Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Experience a greater sense of balance, clarity, and joy in your life
  • Accelerate healing on all levels
  • Let go of chronic pain, stress or anxiety
  • Enjoy more ease in your relationships

You are in the right place!


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