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The Choice is Yours!

diamond water drop
Change is Possible
September 28, 2016
Finding the Higher Truth
November 14, 2016
diamond water drop
Change is Possible
September 28, 2016
Finding the Higher Truth
November 14, 2016

Don’t think your thoughts matter?  Of course your thoughts matter!

As Mike Dooley says, “Thoughts become things!”

Sometimes we forget just how much impact they have on our day to day life.

There is an interesting book called The Top Five Regrets of the Dying… by Bronnie Ware, a nurse providing end-of-life care.  In the last weeks of life, people opened up to her, had heart-to-heart conversations and shared their regrets with her.

The top 5 regrets were:

  1. Not having the courage to live a life true to oneself, instead of the life that others expected of them.
  2. Having worked so hard their whole life, making work and making money the focus instead of  enjoying family, connections and life.
  3. Not having the courage to express their feelings.
  4. Not staying in touch with friends.
  5. Not allowing themselves to be happy.

This last one is really interesting… They lived their whole life not realizing that Happiness is a Choice!

How often do we focus on what is wrong?  What we don’t like?  Or how our expectations weren’t met?  Generally people spend a lot of time and energy thinking about the ‘mistakes’ they made in the past or judging others for theirs.

And that really affects the quality of your life!  How much joy can you experience when you are always thinking about what is wrong in your world?

Changing your mind doesn’t have to be hard.  People often think they are set in their ways and that it is hard to change, or that it will take too much effort.  But what if shifting your perspective is easier than you think?

Some people are attached to their point of view or their pain and suffering, and for some, it is more important to be right – not realizing that the cost might be their happiness.

I have some fabulous techniques that are very effective, but they require that consciously you must want to change! At least that’s what I used to think!  Recently my perception on change has expanded too!

I’ve been doing some Living Water sessions for someone not really interested in “being the change.” She’s not even sure that anything, let alone these energy sessions, can help her deal with all the stress and overwhelm she lives with every day.

Not my typical client.  The people I work with consciously want change, and know it comes from the inside out.  So this is a grand experiment for me.

I am not providing any guidance, words of wisdom or using any other modalities when I work with this client.  We simply connect by phone, I energize a glass of water for them to drink, and then send some energy directly them.  I may get a brief message for them, which I relay as clearly as I can.

After only a couple of sessions, I could feel such a change in their energy.  They have less anxiety and are able to respond to some pretty stressful situations and environments with more grace and strength, and with a solid core inside themselves.  Family members have noticed a change to!

This is one client that is not doing any other personal work, not seeing any other therapists or practitioners, and who barely has time for themselves!

I can’t think of an easier, gentler, more natural way to create shifts for your highest good!


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