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Finding the Higher Truth

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November 9, 2016
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December 7, 2016

I believe in TRUTH, in a level of truth that surpasses human logic and is often outside of our awareness. Yet it is all around us… in the magnificence of the natural world, in the organizing principles of  science and mathematics, in the deepest spiritual teachings, and ultimately within our very hearts.

We may not know it.  We might not discover it in our life time, seek it or have the gift of experiencing it. But it is there. Always and forever.

We’ve become so distracted by the countless shiny objects that float by… the countless thoughts… reliving the past or worrying about the future… busying ourselves with countless actions.

Because we all want our lives to count more!

And all that thinking and doing takes us farther away from the higher intelligence or guiding principle, further away from experiencing peace.

If you are seeking connection and purpose, the place to start is in the higher truth.  Watch the eternally shifting clouds in the sky… stare at the stars in wonder… delight in the intricate beauty of a delicate flower…  listen to the endless rhythm of the ocean waves… or the whisper of the wind…  There are so many ways.

And if your soul moves you, and you have the courage, look within your own heart and find that same sense of presence, or wonder and connection.  Sit in your heart space.  Let it guide you.

Commune with that intangible presence that is always there… within you.

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