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Do You Struggle Over the Christmas Holidays?

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October 23, 2014
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November 23, 2014


Well, here we are already nudging into the latter part of November. After enjoying a wonderfully warm heat wave in the American Southwest, I’m back home in Canada where Old Man Winter is showing his face.  Right now the ground is blanketed with snow and the wind is howling.

The stores are all decked out with their Christmas wares, the focal point for stacks of advertising being delivered to my door.  Shopping…  Entertaining…  Baking…. Decorating…  Presents… There’s no doubt that it’s almost that time of year again!

holly_3Do you love Christmas or hate it?  Does the thought of the holiday season bring up pressure and uncomfortable feelings for you?  Do you look after yourself and your own needs during this busy season, or are you to busy giving?

People seldom experience the holidays the way they are portrayed in advertising and media.  It’s not hard to develop high expectations, and big disappointments if those expectations aren’t met.

Feelings can range from frustration and overwhelm to sadness, loneliness and depression, and anywhere in between.  Christmas isn’t always sugar and spice, and everything nice…

I was talking with my friend, one-of-a-kind transformational coach Anthony Ogley from and we wanted to help people navigate the holidays with more joy and ease.

Anthony stands tall in authenticity, listens deeply and understands the power of the word – both spoken and written.  And he’s excellent at offering a totally different perspective.

We teamed up to create the Stress-Less Festive package to help you change your perspective, release emotions and change your reactions so you can enjoy the Christmas season more.  Why not feel more balanced, more relaxed and more peaceful throughout the holidays?
We’re offering a package of one-on-one counselling and group healings, with some great bonuses.  If you struggle with Christmas or know someone who does, check out our Stress-Free Festive package here.


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