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These Shifting Times Continue…

Intuitive Wisdom
July 31, 2017
Changing Your Mind When You’re Not Visual
December 1, 2017

Are you managing to stay balanced & well? There has been so much instability in the world this year – in the weather, politics, society’s institutions. You name it! Seems like our foundations are being shaken to the core.  Energetically this is a pivotal time – a time that tests us, our beliefs and commitments.

Yes, the world is changing!  But many people are experiencing massive shifts on a personal level too. Myself included.

Although things might not always be comfortable, growth is necessary for continued evolution.  The more attached we are to the past or how we think things should be, the more challenging change can be.  Instead, slow down and reflect on your place in the present moment to connect with a deeper sense of self.


Let the degree of visible unrest around you motivate you to carry more light and be more soul-centered.  Let it inspire you to be all you can be and show you how much the world needs you!

We are here to be part of this big shift.  When we can stay balanced and centered within ourselves, have inner stability, keep our hearts and minds open, we raise our vibration.  We have a positive influence on our environment and contribute to a better future for all.

Feed your soul with quiet time to regenerate and soothe your spirit.  Be grateful for choice.  Choose to focus on the beauty in life.  Do your inner work to shift those things within you that can transform your perceptions, beliefs and experiences. Be grateful for your personal connections formed by resonance in light, love and respect.

Just like the butterfly effect…

Your ability to create peace, joy & happiness is needed now more than ever.  Be the change, right?

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