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Intuitive Wisdom

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Intuitive Wisdom

This is the second journey in a series of experiential journeys I am sharing.  My goal is to share what it is like to explore your inner world through the dream-like state of shamanic journeying.  And perhaps the wisdom that is uncovered will have merit for you as well. You’ll find the first journey here.


Intuitive Wisdom

After building the energy and sacred space, and connecting through my heart, I find Thoth waiting for me at my left. Immediately he raises his staff, a 4 foot long golden staff with a circle on top.  As he points it, the circle becomes a crystal that emits a soft light. He is pointing at a very large bird, a dark-feathered, bald-headed bird reminiscent of the wild turkeys we have locally.

An image flashes of a beautiful goddess with long dark hair, dressed in a white flowing gown with golden bead work.  She places her hands on my temples at the side of my head and radiates a pyramid-shaped energy from each hand; the apex of each meeting at my 3rd eye.  Her hands cradle my head until the energy finishes whatever adjustments or healing it was doing and we begin our journey to her sacred temple.

As I am being carried in flight, I look down at the landscape below us.  There is one type of plant in particular I can see, with some stones and pebbles and ground in between.  For miles, all I can see is this plant and the surrounding earth… until we are closer to our destination and I now see a large body of water.  We arrive at the temple and the entrance is hidden.  It feels very secretive and cave-like.

As we enter, I now have an escort wearing a hooded robe, much like a monk’s robe and carrying a staff that dimly lights the way.  As more light is added, the temple shows me its beauty, almost Romanesque, so much to take in.  I notice a stone sculpture that looked like a #3 laying on its side, thinking it might be a bench.  I notice a centaur-like guard who is also made of stone and tilted on a 45º angle.

I become aware of a trickle of water through a fissure in the wall. At the base is a crystal clear pool and I am told to cleanse in it.  As I do, there is a flash of a very large vulture that bends to the water and back up… over and over… like one of those old repetitive bird-drinking-water toys. As it straightens, there is a lightning flash and an image of a female lights up then disappears in the darkness.

I put on a very simple shift dress and flat sandals.  An older woman stands before me, lighting up the crystals one by one that make up a circle. She picked up a special crystal, t he size of a baseball, and inserted it in the occipital area of my head.  Immediately a shaft of light shone through my 3rd eye, and focused on an ancient and open book. The old lady pulled out 3 small, round, greenish fruit.

It is now time to return to Thoth and when I asked about the fruit, I could hear him repeat in the distance, “bergamot, bergamot, bergamot” with the understanding that using the essential oil on my skin would be beneficial for me.

I am now being carried back in flight, and on the return, I look down to see that the landscape below me has changed. Now there are palm trees.

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