Master Creators, Truly at Ease

Master Creators, Truly at Ease

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January 8, 2015
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January 25, 2015


Master Creators, Truly at Ease


I had tea with a friend of mine recently, John Heney, a local wordsmith and quite possibly a wizard in disguise.  He has such a unique way of looking at life and working with whatever is thrown his way. 

Like so many of us, John believes in fun and ease… and he lives that way.  He throws everything back to his spiritual team with his “Ladies & Gentlemen…” approach to life, inviting beings — in body or not, to align and expand and enjoy the energy of the moment. 

As John says –

Even in discussing any topic, we are acting, individually or together, as generators of thought, belief, focus and intent. So we are creating even in discussing a topic. Such is the dynamic dynamism of being alive and part of creation even as we ponder it. Perhaps someday, we will relax and appreciate that we are in it and of it and causing it to change even as we wonder what we are up to!
And John would heartily agree that truly we are Master Creators. Whether we’re doing it consciously or not, we are constantly creating.  Each time you think a thought or form a sentence, you have created something.

So if you can’t help but create, you might as well – as John often puts it − do so with fun, ease and joy. And while daring to invite everyone along for the party!  We can accomplish so much more in the spirit of cooperation and teamwork than we can on our own. We might as well put that into play. And play! 

In truth, you are never really alone, even if it sometimes feels that way.  There is always unseen energy at work, with things going on behind the scenes.  This being the case, why not send out an open invitation for divinely orchestrated assistance?  Or simply, more joy?

Have you ever put out the thought that you needed or wanted something, and the next time you went shopping — there it was?  Maybe even on sale?  That happens to me all the time.

You too can have the same experiences − and more often! In part, has to do with relaxing into the fact that we are in and of energy—all the time. Such being the case, why not step up and set an example of how easily things can function? Even the energy of this message has focus and intent behind it, being conveyed and received as you read.

So go ahead, be playful! Express appreciation when synchronicities show up in your life; know you’re heard when you do so.  

Consider how this fact makes you all the more attractive for the next uplifting surprise to pop up! After all, like attracts like.

This is beyond being positive.  It is being positively certain that, as a Master Creator, you owe it to yourself to enjoy the fact that you are exactly that!  And that you know that you know this, and you’re having fun with it! The world will love you for this, and love how you appreciate yourself. Here’s a nod and a wink to my friend John, and a high-five to you too!


About John Heney

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John Heney is an engaging author, speaker and mentor known for the fun and wisdom around Spiritual Mechanics – his refreshing approach toward all manner of circumstances. His practical principles continue to assist a growing array of individuals and groups with ways to live as joyful creators, thriving with ease, collaboration and respect.

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