Essence of Playfulness

Essence of Playfulness

Master Creators, Truly at Ease
January 18, 2015
You Are the Gift
January 30, 2015
Master Creators, Truly at Ease
January 18, 2015
You Are the Gift
January 30, 2015


Canadian Tree Essences are vibrational in nature, similar to Bach Flower Remedies.  They are powerful emotional healers that compliment the type of healing work provided at ThoughtChange. 


Playful Essence is wonderful at helping us have more fun and enjoyment in our lives.  If we are feeling “blah”, drab or serious, or withdrawn, it helps lift of us out our over serious frame of mind.  We remember how to feel cheerfulness, playfulness, and attractive.  We remember how to laugh.


Take Playfulness when you feel:Playfulness

  • Serious
  • Things aren’t fun anymore
  • Frequently bored
  • Dull, drab or heavy
  • Unattractive and awkward
  • Shy, reclusive and want to withdraw from contact with others


The Playfulness Essence can help banish the winter blues, helping us to laugh and be cheerful, and have more fun.  It encourages us to laugh and play.


Signs that you Playfulness may benefit you:

  • You avoid going out
  • You’ve forgotten how to be spontaneous
  • You wear drab, colourless clothing
  • You keep your room dark and gloomy
  • You sleep a lot, or want to
  • You’ve got the winder blues
  • You are attracted to the darker side of things
  • You can’t stand bright light and must wear sunglasses
  • You even small tasks seem like an effort
  • You don’t have much fun in your life anymore
  • Things seem impossible
  • You don’t “do mornings.”
  • You had to grow up too quickly (or for adolescents who want to be adults)


If it’s time to take a break from being too serious or dull and drab, Playfulness helps us to be more lighthearted.  Bring more laughter into our life!



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