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Manifestation through Prayer

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December 28, 2017
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Manifestation through Prayer

Have you ever experimented with what I call a tactile meditation? One that brings you awareness and feeling of energy shifting in your body? I use this type of energetic alignment for attraction.  We put high expectations on visualisation and so many want to be clairvoyant, but that isn’t always the easiest and most effective way.

Having a keen sense of body awareness is an easy way to work with energy, bringing more self awareness. This form of body awareness has you feeling a sense of alignment within yourself to attract what it is you are looking for. It has you feeling feeling.  Alignment energy shifting within yourself to attract what it is you’re looking for.

Every year I create something I call Spirit Prayer. And I love to do it! It has become part of my spiritual self care. It’s really an alignment meditation—a prayer you send out to the universe. It aligns your vibration to the words and energy of the prayer, and is a powerful tool.

I learned this many years ago from Bonnie Rondeau, one of my early spiritual teachers. I have since discovered a powerful way to energize the intention of the prayer to make it even more effective.

I spend every January 1st creating my prayer for the year, and I work with that prayer, listening to it or reciting it every day for a few weeks, then several times a week… and less often as the year goes by. It is a very pleasant and tactile experience for me, so it doesn’t take much time or effort to incorporate into my day.

I’ll spend time with the meditation and I just sit in it’s energy.  I allow my energy system to respond and align, witnessing the vibratory shifts and not thinking about it or need to know.  As an energy sensitive, the energy shifts are very tactile and  kinesthetic, and it is very easy to step out of my head in this type of meditation.

Near the end of the year, I look back and see what has happened in my life and how it relates to my prayer, and it totally amazes me. So much of what happens is written within my prayer. And sometimes it is a little unexpected!  You never know just how something will show up!

It doesn’t always show up the way you think it will!  Especially if there is a lot of things underneath your awareness that can affect the manifestation process.  It’s not just what we consciously put out, the unconscious has a huge role in manifesting.

If we’re asking for something that is not line with what our unconscious mind thinks will keep us safe or that goes against some core beliefs or core values, it’s not going to show up at all, or it’s going to show up in some distorted kind of way.  Sometimes it can show us where we have a little bit of ‘baggage’ or where we have a little inner work to do.  And sometimes it just shows up like magic…  and when it does, it is really, really, really incredible.

The interesting thing about this prayer is that it isn’t actually something that I choose consciously but it’s something that I allow to unfold… more like what spirit wants for me or intuitively directs me towards. Not only do I create a Spirit Prayer for myself every year, but for the last several I have created one as a giveaway throughout the year.

This New Years Day I created a beautiful prayer with a focus on creating more harmony and soul alignment throughout the year. I am very excited about this prayer because I have already noticed shifts since its creation.

It’s going to be a very interesting year… and I embrace the transformation that comes through this prayer!


If you’d like a copy of this year’s prayer, contact me and I will send you the link to request it.

Here’s to a great year!

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