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February 26, 2014
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March 31, 2014


Often today’s world drifts us further away from our real selves.  We can become disconnected from our inner authority, allowing external influences to distort our inner guidance system.


But in truth, we have access to incredible wisdom deep within ourselves.   We just need to listen!


We can choose to hear our inner voice, listen to our heart, or feel the responses and reactions that our body gives us.   We can choose to be our own authority.


There are things that we can do to become more aware of our inner voice. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take time each day for self reflection. Even a few moments here and there can open your  awareness.
  • Observe your  body’s reactions – NOT your mind’s, but your body’s.  Become aware of feelings of heaviness or lightness, constriction or expansion, changes in breathing patterns, what feels like a lump in your throat, or any other body sensations.  Listen to your gut reactions!
  • Pay attention to your dreams. Consider journaling your dreams and interpreting them for messages from your unconscious.
  • Send questions out to the Universe. Things like “What else is possible?” or  “How can I bring joy into this?”  Avoid WHY questions!  Don’t allow your conscious mind to answer any      questions that you send out. Listen for an answer that just pops into  your mind, or look for it to show up in your life in some way.
  • Write down your ah-ha’s and creative ideas.  These little tidbits of inspiration can be fleeting, disappearing into no-man’s-land if we don’t acknowledge or pay attention to them.
  • Journaling everyday works well for some people. Not the chronological events of the day, but how you felt or reacted to specific experiences. Then go  deeper into your feelings.  What you discover might surprise you.
  • Consider bringing Shamanic Journeys into your life. There is an incredible wealth of information and guidance available to us through this process.  Visit for more information.


Sometimes there are things that get in the way of our own knowing—self doubt, confusion, intense emotions, or patterns of behavior or thought.  This is one reason I’ve done a lot of inner work personally, and that I offer my skill as assistance to others.


When we start to clear away the thoughts and emotions that do not support the truth of who we really are, we begin to see our LIGHT.  We can connect more easily with that wisdom that lies within, access our gifts, make better choices in our daily life, and live with more joy.


This is one reason I do a lot of inner work personally, and offer my skill as assistance to others.  By clearing the things that get in the way of our own knowing—self- doubt, confusion, intense emotions, or patterns of behavior or thought – we can access our inner wisdom and live with more joy.


Are you ready for more joy?


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