Shamanic Journeying is one of my favourite things to do!  It’s great fun, and offers incredible insight and wisdom.   Shamanic Journeys are a powerful way to heal, and have a better understanding of your Self, your path and the world.


People take journey experiences for all kinds of reasons…

  • to know themselves better or explore their inner world or other dimensions
  • to deepen their spiritual connection
  • to seek guidance or inspiration
  • to create change in their life
  • to understand or perhaps heal an emotional wound or physical issue
  • and some start out of curiosity or for the pure fun of it, but often come to love and respect the process.

Many worlds

Journeying is very much like being awake in a dream.  The body can seem to be asleep, but the mind is awake.  The unconscious mind communicates the experience, and the conscious mind can observe and ask questions.  The symbology that is shown to you is best interpreted by you.  Sometimes a dream or symbol dictionary can be useful, but it is not the authority – YOU ARE!   For instance, a mountain to some may mean a great accomplishment or spiritual connection… to another it could mean a great burden or difficult path. The feeling of the journey can give you insight into what the symbols mean, or in the journey,  you can also simply ask your guide for clarity.


The journey process is ancient, used by indigenous peoples all over the world.  One must quiet the conscious mind though… Traditional methods include drumming or rattling, plant medicine, fasting or sweat lodges.  The idea is to induce a trance-like state. Using the breath and hypnosis-like inductions work extremely well to relax the mind and body, and connect to the unconscious.


The unconscious mind communicates to us through symbols, emotions, feelings and body sensations.  Journeys can be extremely symbolic and are typically experienced through the body.  They put us in direct communication with the unconscious.  We have access to all kinds of information that is usually hidden.  Messages can also come from the Higher Self and the Spirit dimension.  When you can feel your journey, it becomes a very powerful experience.


Every journey experience is different – even if you do the same one more than once. It is experienced through the senses – visual, auditory or kinesthetic, or a combination of them.  Sometimes you can even taste or smell, or just have a knowing about the message being shown to you. Other Wordly ReflectionsBecause your senses are involved, your experience can often be profound.  Some people need a little practice to become comfortable with the process, but many have vivid experiences the first time.


One normally has a focus or question when they undergo a shamanic journey.  You can ask direct questions about your life, your purpose, or any issue that you are dealing with.  It brings a whole new level of understanding…


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