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Healing Membership


Join the Living Waters Healing Club

The Living Waters Healing Club is a great way to bring high vibration healing energy into your life every day! It’s value packed and offers the benefit of the group’s energy to amplify intention.

Many people report an increase in energy and stamina, improved mood and a more optimistic outlook, and positive change in health conditions.  It is perfectly safe and can easily be incorporated with any health or personal transformation protocol.

Each week you can attend a live video call to have your water structured and receive a Diamond Ray energy transmission.

The call is recorded and shared in a private Facebook group where you can access the video until the next call is recorded.

You can watch as often as you want, structure your water as often as you want, share your experience in the group or ask questions.  You’ll find a few bonus perks offered along the way.


Only $ 49 / month


Audio Downloads

Chakras in Lotus Position

Sacred Chakras Meditation

More than just a chakra meditation, this guided exercise clears aspects from your unconscious and your energy bodies while activating the inherent power of each chakra, connecting you to your deeper Spiritual Self. 

Channeled from the Angels and recorded word for word as it was given. Music by Kevin MacLeod.     (33 min)


Sample it here:


Testimonial: Tonight I listened to Linda’s meditation on chakra balancing, and was lifted to highest heavens, deepest earth, full body delight. For a blissful half-hour I heard only her most soothing voice inviting the most lovely presentation of the chakra energy fields I’ve ever experienced … . In fact, seasoned by a life-time of Spirit’s Love fully alive within me, the time spent with Linda was one of the most profound moments of prayer I’ve experienced in a long while!  I bow to her and to Love Which enfolds us, and she so tenderly calls forth.  I am grateful for her gifts and for her sharing them. – Marilyn (Baltimore)

Download today for

only      $12

 Basic Line



Freedom from Stress & Anxiety




You’ve struggled with stress and anxiety long enough!

When you clear out these ongoing struggles from your life it opens up new pathways and opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth that were out of reach before.

Think of what you can accomplish with this power!

This break FREE energy clearing program can help you easily release those stressful emotions, thoughts and patterns so you can feel refreshed and stress-free any time you want.

Your package includes 3 audios and an ebook.


Sample it here:


Start releasing your stress today for

only  $12

Discover How to Harness the power of your unconscious mind and eliminate your self- imposed limitations… paving the way for bigger and better things!



Stumbling Blocks

What if you could go into a relaxed state any time you choose?  How would your life be different?

This hypnosis audio will make that happen, as you direct your Unconscious Mind to release blockages that have been holding you back.

Any area of your life can be improved when you unleash your true potential!

When you can use the power of your Unconscious Mind for positive outcomes instead of negative, it will allow you to move forward with more courage and finesse, and feel wonderfully relaxed at the same time!


Download today for

only $12


I listened to this audio one right when I woke up & couldn’t get back to sleep.  It really relaxed me, and I fell into a deep sleep and had the most incredible dream.  I dreamt that I was with some family members and we were all 35 years younger.  At one point, my mouth was packed full of pieces of paper that had words typed on them.  I spit them out and then coughed up more that were lodged deeper in my throat.  I didn’t even have a specific focus to clear but my subconscious knew exactly where to go and what to do.  ~ Linda


I just listened to Linda’s Overcoming Stumbling Blocks meditation.  My stumbling blocks have been financially related.  I loved the visuals and beautiful sense of calm I felt through this process (despite dogs barking and allergies acting up).  Shortly after, I received payment for worth that I was uncertain would come through, and really could have gone either way.  It has left me feeling very satisfied.  I am starting to notice when I begin to “stumble” more and more, and I will use this meditation to help me through the anxiety that generally proceeds my challenges manifesting.  Thank you Linda.  ~ Shell (TX)



Basic Line

Looking for a way to access your own inner wisdom?


Aligning with the Elements  

This is an incredible series of guided Shamanic journeys that will act as an inner world lighthouse for wisdom and guidance.  Journeying is a process that can bring you a level of awareness and insight that you never knew existed…while having fun at the same time!

AWE with shadowWhat if you could actually communicate with your guide(s) to ask for clarity about your journey or any other aspect of your life that you choose?  It would be like having a tour
guide for your life’s experiences.  You can even communicate with the symbols themselves and directly ask them their meaning.

Plus, each journey can be taken over and over again!  This gives you an inside track on navigating  through real life issues or receiving some much needed guidance and understanding for your spiritual growth.


You can use these journeys for self-exploration and awareness so you can do some long awaited transformations in your life, or you can try them just for fun. However you decide to use them, this is a must have.


Aligning with the Elements consists of 8 audios (including seven guided journeys and 1 invocation) and a workbook. 


NOW only $ 49.00


Available in 2 versions

Choose from…


Aligning with the Elements with background music 


Aligning with the Elements without background music 



Aligning with the Elements includes…


  • Invocation (audio):  The invocation was crafted with the help of Spirit as an overseeing influence for the series.  Use as a separate meditation or to open and clear the space in preparation before taking any of the journeys.


  • Journey to Your Heart Temple (audio):  What a way to begin!  You will exit the starting gate of your journey by going deep within yourself to find your personal sanctuary. This is your safe harbor, your port in any storm, where you feel peaceful, comfortable and protected. Here’s where you will discover your heart temple, a place that is sacred to your inner being.  You can use this audio on its own at any time you need to unwind and connect with a peaceful, serene feeling.


  • Meet Your Journey Guide (audio):  In this journey, you will return to your Heart Temple to meet your journey guide. This guide is a true gift in your life, a master teacher who can offer you considerable insight into the reasons for your journey’s direction. Keep your guide close. Cherish this relationship. Learn from it and grow from the wisdom you will attain.  You can ask for information or guidance about any aspect of your journey experience or your life.


  • Journey to the Air Kingdom (audio):   The Air element rules the mental plane, awareness, wisdom, thoughts and communication, so when you are on this journey you will be more balanced than you’ve been in years. This journey will come in handy at some pivotal moments, so be sure to embark on it any time you seek clarity, wisdom, or mental balance about something specific in your life, when you want to ‘lighten up,’ or explore any aspect of the air element.


  • Journey to the Water Kingdom (audio):  This is where things get very interesting. The Water element rules emotions, intuition, dreams and fantasies, and is the domain of the subconscious. Take this journey and you will explore the vast recesses of your unconscious mind to uncover the hidden aspects within you, your emotional world, your dreams and your intuition. Imagine the possibilities!


  • Journey to the Fire Kingdom (audio):  Are you ready to heat things up?  The nature of Fire is spiritual and transformative.  It rules the action part of creation and is associated with willpower, personal power, passion and creativity.  You may use this journey to spark your creative juices, to boost your energy and motivation levels, to make some thrilling transformations, or simply for the adventure of exploring the Fire Kingdom.  Perhaps the best news of all is that you will also be able to offer something to feed the flames! So go ahead, release the fear, transform the limiting beliefs, destroy the guilt, it’s all up to you. Anything that no longer serves you can be engulfed in flames, so it’s time to get excited about it!


  • Journey to the Earth Kingdom (audio):  Ready to be more organized and achieve more goals? This is the journey. The Earth element rules the physical plane and is considered the mother of all life on this planet.  Its characteristics include support, strength, stability, reliability, thriving and three dimension reality.  Take this journey to deepen your connection with the earth, to become more grounded and centered, more organized and constructive, or to help you achieve any goal that has been out of reach in the past.


  • Journey to the Ethers (audio):  When you want to rise above it all and seek a new plane of existence or knowledge so you can put distance between you and the real world challenges, this is the journey for you.  Ether is also known as Akasha or the Spiritual Void.  It is timeless and space less, and is the domain of knowledge, unlimited potential and possibility. Use this journey to connect with its high spiritual vibration, when you have specific questions or seek knowledge from a higher perspective.


  • Aligning with the Elements Guide Book (pdf):  This 53 page ebook is your roadmap for your journeys, a comprehensive workbook with step by step instructions on how to get the most out of this series of journeys, as well as some handy tips on how to journey and deeper information about each of the elements. It is recommended that you read the associated section before you take your journey. There is also room to record your experiences.  Enjoy!


Access Your Inner Self for Guidance and Wisdom 

NOW only $49.00


Choose from…


 Aligning with the Elements with background music 

Aligning with the Elements without background music





“I have journeyed with Linda for almost a decade. Linda’s relaxing and melodious voice quickly brings you to the place where you can reach the maximum meditative state. The journeys are interesting and filled with information, and based on themes that take you step by step along a spiritual path.

My journeys with Linda have been rich and filled with imagery. They challenge my intuition and my ability to find the message that I need in this moment. Each time I redo the journeys, I receive new messages that reach the next level. In addition, my dream life has become more vivid as well. The messages I have unlocked from these journeys have given me the information and problem-solving skills I need to move further along my path to becoming the best me I can be. And I sleep better too! I highly recommend Linda’s journeys to both the novice and the experienced journeyer.”  –  Diana


“The journeys have brought a new way of life to me.  They have been a fun and easy way for me to get to know myself better (my true self), which in turn has helped me to move forward in every aspect of my life.  In essence, knowing myself better makes it easier for me to make decisions in my best interests.

I will continue to take journeys because the results have been so noticeable for me and I know I will continue to grow using this technique.”   – Eleanor


“For most of my adult life I apply logic and analysis to solve problems. Linda’s journey process has allowed me to go beyond reasoning to expand on my understanding of self awareness. I have learned to use my senses to perceive reality in a different way.

One of the great benefits of journeying has been in using my intuition as a resource to seek guidance. Another has been an increase in my ability to understand and communicate what I saw on the journey. Lastly, I experience the deepest, soundest sleeps on the nights after journeying.” – Marlene  


“Linda’s journey programs have given me so many insights that have helped me greatly with direction in my life.

There is no substitute for the deep level of work that happens in these journeys – always learning, always clearing, and seeing new ways to move forward. With visions and messages coming from helpers and guides or from deep within, each time is different and a great adventure…like watching a fascinating movie, with personal messages…just…for…you…” – Wendy


“For over seven years now I have been taking journeys with Linda Lang.  The changes and growth that I have experienced over this time have been profound.  For example, I have come to know and trust myself and my intuition better; I’ve experience healing, and even received messages.  It is my pleasure to recommend Linda very highly.” – Charlotte


My journey experiences are always magical and leave me in a peaceful state where I have the opportunity to look at my life in a different prospective. These journeys can take you away from your daily norm and open your eyes and thoughts to a new way of thinking and experiencing. I think that they have shaped my life, definitely the way life happens and how I handle it.   I will continue to journey as I like adventure… like climbing a mountain or sky diving without physically having to go there!” – Doug


Basic Line


Dream Healing


Harness the power of your Unconscious Mind to boost your body’s natural healing ability.  Just relax as we direct your unconscious to boost your healing potential in this groundbreaking hypnotherapy session.


This amazing audio program will help you:

  • Relieve Stress
  • Activate your body’s healing systems
  • Clear and energize your chakras
  • Use guided visualization to improve your health and well-being
  • Enhance your current health regime without interfering with traditional medical or alternative therapies



Sample it here:

Includes 3 tracks – Total running time 43:12 min.

  • Introduction (1.32 min)
  • Chakra Induction  (16:38 min)
  • Dream Healing  (24:58 min)

 Use separately, or listen consecutively together for best results.


Download today for

only $17


I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was after listening to Dream Healing. I didn’t know it was possible to feel this way… M.H. (ON)


Every time I have worked with Linda personally, or with her recordings, I am taken into a deep state of relaxation, and far away from any concerns. As someone with a tendency to worry, this is a vast relief..

I am going to continue to use this for a knee that has been hurting and keeping me from full functionality. I won’t say that my knee is totally healed after one hearing of these audios – I don’t know. But I can tell you this: there is a feeling as if the inside of my knee has been oiled. It is a noticeable difference from the usual sensations, and that gives me a sense of hope, and wonder!

I believe that the reason that Linda’s work is so resonant is that she is not separate from it. She is not someone who found a healing technique and decided to market it. She is someone who lives and practices and delves deeply into healing – her own and others’ – all the time I’ve known her. And that is resonant through the energy of her voice. It is not often that I can leave my mind behind, but Linda is one who can help me get there, and I recommend that you try the journey yourself! ~ Lori Kirstein, The Goodbye Good Girl Project


***Dream Healing is not meant to replace your current medical treatments.  Please consult your medical professional before making any changes.  DO NOT listen while driving or operating equipment that needs your attention.









Basic Line

Now at Thoughtchange!  Vibrational Essences are now available!  Gain some wonderful support for your healing and transformation between sessions.


Canadian Tree Essences are high quality essences that assist in the release of emotional and behavioural patterns.  And they are incredibly effective!

Tree EssencesIf you would like to support your healing, transformation and spiritual growth with vibrational essences, please contact me for more information.

Please check the blog under Tree Essences as I will continue to highlight specific products that may assist you.


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