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How Do You Express in Your Life?

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February 1, 2019
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February 22, 2019
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How Do You Express in Your Life?

Saying what you need to say, doing what you need to do and being who you came here to be. It’s all part of the same story—YOU!

But how are you expressing yourself in your life?

In truth, you express yourself all the time—in the words you use, the actions you take, your facial expressions, the tone of your voice, even in the silence between the words you speak.

Within all of that, is the vibration or essence of who you are… even if you have hidden it from the world or from yourself.

Your very presence communicates to others.  Your energy field radiates out and communicates with your environment, the people you interact with and think about, and with all of creation.

If your words and actions are in alignment with your core Self, you will naturally have a stronger sense of self, of confidence and self acceptance.  Your energy field will radiate that congruence.

And from that place, you attract things that are in resonance and are aligned with your vibration.

So often in life, there have been times where you may have squelched that inner fire of who you really are in order to fit in, be accepted by others, or to meet the expectations of others… all things that hone into a deep, perhaps unconscious, need to feel safe.

Perhaps you have lived this pattern so much that you may have forgotten just who you are underneath it all!

It’s time to remember!!

When you are consciously communicating, pay attention to the alignment of what you are saying and doing. Is that what you want to create in your life?  Is this in alignment with who you truly are? When you spend more time in alignment, it will be easier to remember.

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