Handling Change

Handling Change

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March 6, 2015
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April 8, 2015


Lei.flowerMy feet are solidly back on Canadian soil after my intensive training in Hawaii.   What a trip!


I learned so much about myself as I went deeper into my Huna training. Even though I am still integrating, I feel some major internal shifts have happened.  I like change!




Sometimes change can be difficult, especially when it comes through crisis. It’s something we all have to deal with; it’s part of the human experience.


But we are a resilient species. Through our trying times, we find strength and courage.  We grow and evolve.


Yet we all process life differently. Our perspective is uniquely our own.  If we can release our resistance and attachment to what was – whether pain or pleasure, we allow ourselves to be open to new possibilities, perhaps even to a new way of being.


When you work through your unresolved emotions, you still have your story.  I encourage you to talk about the good things, not the bad.  Remember your words create! 


You get to choose how you live your life. What do you want to focus on?


Watch out for denial.  There is a big difference between working through your ‘stuff’ and being at peace OR pretending to be positive while burying your emotions.  If you are honest with yourself, you will know the difference.  When things come up, it just means there is more work to be done, more processing or more forgiveness.


Be kind to yourself. 
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