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Giving Permission and Allowing

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December 20, 2018
January Detox
January 12, 2019

Here we are once again, a new year at our feet. What kind of change do you want to create in your life this year?

Perhaps you’ve not given it much thought yet but it’s a great time to do so… so the Universe can respond to your intentions and get the ball rolling. After all, the new year brings the possibility of new energy and new momentum.

Last email I mentioned a spirit teaching and I’d like to share a part of that with you today. I was lying awake one night thinking I’d probably be tired the next day, and then consciously gave myself permission to sleep in (something I don’t do very often). I don’t know why I thought “permission ” but I did.

In that moment, my guides stepped in and delivered a teaching moment; something that occasionally happens for me in the wee hours of the night that makes me feel very blessed. This teaching had to do with the difference between allowing and giving permission in the art of manifesting.  

You might not think there is much difference between them, after all if you allow something, aren’t you automatically giving permission for its existence?  Perhaps, but that is more like unconscious permission, and it’s time for us to step into a more conscious co-creation.

Energetically there is a huge difference between allowing and giving permission. Allowing is more passive. Giving permission has an active component that also includes your intention.

For example, you might affirm “I allow abundance and prosperity in my life.”   It’s a feel good statement,right? (If it isn’t, it means you have some resistance to allowing that for yourself.) But there is no energetic input from you, no manna to feed the physical manifestation.  It’s like allowing the kids to do what they want, hoping you get what you want from them, instead of giving clear directions.

On the other hand, if you state, “I give myself permission to create (or experience) abundance and prosperity in my life,” you are not only sending your intention out to the ethers, but you are giving instructions to your subconscious at the same time.

Can you feel the difference between the two?

The guidance that came as a download was very clear that it is us who blocks the manifestation of our desires. We restrict ourselves! It often has to do with limiting beliefs, old emotional baggage, feeling unworthy, misperceptions and attachments etc.

If you want to play with this idea, the next time you want to manifest an intention, try verbally giving yourself permission to experience it. Feel any resistance that might come up as you do so, as it will point you in the direction of where you might have some healing work to do.


Do you give yourself permission to change your relationship with money, and shift the patterns you’ve been repeating?

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