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Master Your Money Mind



Is your money story getting in the way of your success and happiness?

Does it fill you with doubt and struggle… and negative self talk?


How do you think your life would change,

if you could shift your money story…


If you could let go of struggle, past hurts and limiting beliefs?

What if you could lift the invisible income ceiling holding you back?


What if you discovered a higher perspective that could bring healing to your money story?

What kind of magic would you create?


Isn’t it time to MASTER your Money Mind?


There is much more to your financial situation than just money! 

It has deep roots in your past, in your family story,

your life experiences, your self talk,

and your own sense of value & self worth.


We manifest, create and attract opportunities that are in resonance with our energetic frequency.
Every thought, feeling, word and action you make impacts it,  especially the unconscious ones… because they are habits.  
You need to let go of those old limiting patterns to create real change!
Or your hopes and dreams and affirmations will just sit on top of all the doubt, fear and guilt without a strong foundation to manifest from.


Are you ready to change

how you are experiencing money and abundance

in your life and business?



If you’re tired of struggling  and you know it’s time to do the inner work to improve your relationship with money,
I’d like to invite you on a powerful healing journey.


You’ll be able to release your unconscious income ceilings, ancestral patterns, self doubt & low self worth,
and all that inner stuff that holds you back from creating a more abundant  & prosperous life…




Introducing my new Master Your Money Mind program…


A eight week healing intensive designed to help you

let go of those unconscious blocks that get in your way

and make it easy for you to change your money story.


Find better financial discernment,
a core sense of self worth and self respect so that you can magnetically attract from a more aligned place.
And you’ll find more invitations and possibilities shown to you!


I am excited to share my new program with you because
I believe it could really make a difference to how you are experiencing money and abundance in your life and business.
Imagine what it would be like……


This is my invitation to you. 

Join me for Master Your Money Mind…


In this 8 week intensive

You will experience gentle, yet profound healing

in a small, intimate group setting.

You will discover unique ways to do your inner work for lasting transformation,

and much more…


    • Release layers of unresolved emotions relating to money; dissolve hidden pockets of anger, jealousy, betrayal, sadness, fear, guilt and shame stored in your unconscious
    • Let go of limiting beliefs, vows of poverty and ancestral patterns of poverty consciousness that affect your relationship with money and influence your experience of life
    • Build a strong foundation of clarity, resilience and self awareness to easily forge a healthier relationship with money
    • Reconnect with your inherently abundant nature and strengthen its expression
    • Open to receive through a powerful energetic alignment that recalibrates your energy system to Divine Grace


Are you wondering how this program benefit you?

Let me tell you how I’ve transformed…

While giving myself the first 4 clearing modules, I’ve noticed some huge and unexpected changes.  I am blown away by the increase of self love, self value and self respect.  It’s staggering really.  Now I routinely catch myself telling myself that I love myself as I am deeply feeling it – not in an arrogant way but with a real sense of self acceptance and respect. Every time I do, I sit in that energy and relish.  It is the most delicious time of my day. My relationship with myself has completely transformed.

And that’s not even mentioning all the shifts around money!  Here’s just a few…


      • I am so much more responsible regarding my finances.
      • I have more discernment and make better choices when shopping.
      • I often find the things I want or need on sale.
      • I’ve been given money gifts totally unexpected. 
      • I’ve literally found money – money I didn’t know I had and money when I am out & about.
      • In my business, I no longer attract bargain-hunting clients. Clients are contacting me!
      • I no longer justify my prices to myself or my clients because I know I’m worth every penny!
      • I’ve dropped so many limiting beliefs about money and deserving abundance that I stopped holding myself back from being more visible.


I am excited to share my Money Mind program

because I believe it could really make a difference for you! 



Hi. My name is Linda Lang.

I’ve had over 30 years of experience in alternative healing – first healing myself from a rare and aggressive cancer, and then jumping deeply into spiritual and mindset healing.

I’ve personally let go of fears, phobias, deep-seated anger, sadness and shame, and totally shifting my beliefs and my experience of life…  I love to help others release their old patterns, rediscover themselves and open their minds to new possibilities and experiences.

For years I’ve shared my wisdom as a gifted healer and guide, using my skills and intuitive gifts to help others shift their inner world, so they too can change their outer world, and live with more joy and purpose.

 My goal is to help you shift your consciousness and your energetic vibration so you can discover the world of possibilities, synchronicity and alignment that awaits you in the gentlest, most compassionate, and most effective way I can.


Master Your Money Mind

includes 8 Weeks of powerful healing and transformation…


      • Module One: Acknowledge Where You Stand

        You’ll discover your current energetic response to money, and together we will recalibrate your reaction and raise your vibration.   Plus, we’ll release the unconscious fear of transforming your money situation and set the ground work for self discovery and change.

      • Module Two: Cleaning the Emotional Closet

        You’ll release layers of unresolved emotions from the unconscious, without having to relive all those painful experiences. You’ll consciously experience the release of the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying.  Say goodbye to layers of anger and frustration, sadness, guilt and shame! And more.  You will actually feel lighter!

      • Module Three: Mind Matters

        You’ll release limiting beliefs about money and yourself – things like unconscious income ceilings, vows of poverty and layers of poverty consciousness that hold you back from experiencing more prosperity in your life.

      • Module Four: Power of Forgiveness

        You will have the opportunity to forgive those who have impacted your outlook on the future and your relationship with money, whether consciously or unconsciously!  As well as forgiving yourself for any perceived failures or shortcomings, and let that self judgment go.  We’ll do an exercise to help you spark the feeling of hope inside. 

      • Module Five: Remembering Your Abundant Nature

        You’ll be guided on an inner journey to reconnect with your inherent abundant nature, reminding both your conscious and unconscious mind of this natural state of being.  PLUS I’ll do the Huna Wallet Blessing that was given to me personally during my Huna training. 

      • Module Six: Re-creating Your Future

        In this world of opposites, most people  live their lives with a mindset of rich or poor, have or have not, worthy or unworthy.  To create a new future with more choice, you’ll need a new paradigm of possibility! In this module, we’ll work with the Higher Self to give the Unconscious Mind a new set of opposites that will support abundance in your life. 

      • Module Seven: The Grace Blessing

        You’ll experience a powerful energetic activation to realign your frequency to the divine state of Grace.  And you will feel it!!!  We’ll also do a process to energize and align your business or one of your projects or goals with your raised vibration. 

      • Module Eight: Opening to Receive 

        Let’s open you up energetically so you can feel the expansive feeling that allows you to receive. We’ll share celebrations and acknowledge the shifts that have already taken place and open to more. And if we have time, we’ll repeat the Grace Blessing. Grace is delicious and repetition helps strengthen the activation. 

  • You’ll have access to the Master Your Money Mind private Facebook group where you can connect with others, share your experiences and find inspiration.
        PLUS, you’ll  receive weekly Living Water Energy Healings to help you on your journey.

        During these healing sessions, you’ll receive high vibration energy channelled to you and to your water, coffee or tea wherever you are in the world. Your beverage of choice will be calibrated specifically for your highest benefit and you can taste the difference!

        These incredible healings help you integrate the weekly modules, bring you into a state of peace and heal the layers of your energetic matrix with greater ease.


        What makes this program different from all the other abundance programs out there?

        • Divine inspiration!  This program was given to me by the amazing team of master healers and guides that I work with. One night they woke me up at 4 am with a download of the whole program – including names, modules and how to facilitate the healing!
        • We are actually DOING the work!  This isn’t just about becoming aware of your inner world or doing surface healing.  Master Your Money Mind is a deeply healing program. Yes, you will gain insight!  And you will shift your internal world.  Your outer world will change accordingly. You’ll see shifts in your relationship with money, your discernment, your relationship with yourself and others.  You’ll notice more opportunities, have more courage and more choice.
        • We are NOT just doing the clearing work!  We are also rebuilding a new, supportive structure for your energy system and your unconscious so you will have a strong foundation with which to build a healthier, more prosperous relationship to money!
        • We have divine assistance!   This program incorporates healing techniques I have already mastered, as well as new techniques given to me by my spirit helpers. They will be assisting us and working with the group throughout the program,  to clear blockages and help you create a new foundation within yourself so you can create more prosperity. And we will also be working with the Higher Self and the Unconscious to make lasting transformation.
        • The work is done in small group format!  You’ll be one of a handful of participants, not one of hundreds!  We’ll have real access to me, real connection, and because this is the pilot program, I can shift it as needed to support you in the best way I can.
        • All of our transformational work is done during our sessions.  Your only responsibilities are to show up and do the work in class, be willing to transform, and pay attention to the shifts!  I always recommend that you attend the live calls, but if you can’t make them, you will have access to the replay.  
        • You won’t find Living Waters healings anywhere else!  I channel the Diamond Ray; something I have not been trained in but rather a divine gift I carry.  It is a very high vibration, intelligent energy that knows exactly what you need in the moment. Not only do I channel it directly to you, but also to your drinking water, coffee or tea, and you can taste the difference.  It clears negativity and the supporting matrix within your energy system, and so much more…


        If you’re willing to experience a mind shift…

        to have a tangible experience of energy healing,

        Huna shamanism and Hypnosis,

        this course is for you!


        Some testimonials…

        Thank you so much for the gift of this work. The Invocation was amazing. It left me feeling fully aligned with the clearing work and ready to face my future with new hope and renewed vigor. I feel that I have stepped into my power. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. – Marie

        The knowledge and practices you shared were very powerful – after each workshop, I experienced a lot of clearing.  I also had insights into some of my challenges/issues. And a sense that overall that my process of awakening had intensified as a result of taking the course.  You’re a very gifted teacher, Linda. I appreciate so much your passing on to us the profound wisdom of your teachings. Many thanks! – Jennifer

        There is NO filler in this course! Every piece of it is transformational!  I am still integrating the changes and benefits of this program…  What I can say is that the sessions were profound; they felt amazing, and I could feel the powerful energy shifts happening during and after each session. I also felt an amazing connection to each person in the group, and everyone contributed to the group experience. Linda, your voice is very healing and powerfully transformational, and the healing comes through not just the words you say, but the vibration of the sounds as you say them. I would recommend this course to anyone who is seeking a deeper experience of shifting their relationship and experience of abundance. This is not a superficial rehash of ‘abundance’ training, it is genuine energy shifting and release, shadow work, and soul level transformation. Michelle

        During a recent discussion with Linda, the topic turned to money. I shared with her my stressed and worry over how slow sales were for my custom jewelry business.  Linda offered me a mini session right then to help me shift that.  She spent just a few minutes clearing energetic blocks and charged up a glass of water for me with her Diamond Ray energies.  All remotely – we were having a video chat.  

        I felt different in my body right away which felt good and powerful.  What really blew me away though is that I had three new custom jobs come in that same week.  Two from people I did not know at all, who simply found me on the internet and one from a guy I had not seen in 20 years who I used to buy gemstones from who now wanted me to make some models for him.  The flow of customers and money was rushing in.

        I agree with Linda, change can be easy. Having a guide to clear the way and help you see and open to your own capacity for ease and possibility is.  My advice – don’t miss a chance to work with her; I truly believe your future self will thank you for it. – Miché, Self-Love and SuperPowers Coach, Inspirational Humorist and Chief Spoonbender at, Custom Jeweler at

        Linda provided a lot of value and effective processes for building new neural pathways of letting go of old stories around abundance and money into a feeling of abundance and hope, and clear specific skills to use on a daily basis to keep myself in that correct alignment. I enjoyed the small group process where I could learn from the other participants too. – Robyn

        Living Waters is literal.  It’s spiritual water.  It’s living light… living love… God energy… like a river of love that flows through you.  It not only changes the water you drink, but it works on the water inside the body too, on a physical level.  When it clears away negativity, it’s automatically raising the person’s vibration.   Margo Park, gifted psychic




        Ready for a break through the blocks that are stopping you from

        mastering your money mind?


        Are you ready to MASTER your Money Mind?


        Are you ready to finally improve your relationship with money

        & attract a new level of prosperity?


        Leave all the old baggage behind and …


        Claim your Mastery Now!

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