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Comparing Yourself to Another

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April 25, 2016
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How many times have you told yourself another person was better, stronger, wiser, prettier, more gifted, more spiritual… more anything?  Comparing in this way corrupts your self image, and paves the way to developing negative perspectives not only about yourself and others, but on life itself.  It can breed fear, anger, jealousy and self hatred… or arrogance depending on where you stand in your mental image.

Comparison is a tool that has been adultered in our minds.  Each of us is a spark of the divine and each sparkles a little different.  So it is and so it is meant to be.  The act of comparison that is strictly observation, simply witnesses the different reflections of light, of vibration, of reverence to All That Is.

But too often we cast judgment.  Instead of celebrating our differences, the act of comparing becomes convoluted and demeaning.  It has become a tool of destruction, of denial, and of erosion of the soul’s essence expressed here in this place.

Comparing should never be used in judgment—to devalue or inflate oneself or another.  Both are devastating for the soul in its ability to shine and express its uniqueness.  You will never be exactly like another.

It is here in the human mind, expressed through thoughts, actions and behaviours, where the idea of “comparing” has been used in Vain.  Far too many struggle with self confidence issues, unable to see their own light and magnificent possibilities.   Can you see yours?

When you look around, can you see the beauty of those around you?  Can you see their gifts, their strengths?  Do you have compassion?   When you can see the light of others and have it add to your own light and the light of all others—in the truest sense, it can be empowering.

How can you heal your perceptions to include the divine meaning and right use of comparison?

heart-582462_1280Sit in the open heart. Know that all things are perfect, are divine…  YOU, and each of your brothers and sisters in three dimensional form.  All have gifts they bring, all have a place in the whole, and it is only through arrogance that one thinks they are better or worse than another.  Such a being is not standing in the Open Heart, nor are they fully connected in conscious awareness to the splendor and glory of All That Is, in each individualized manifestation of the Divine.

When you feel and notice a thought of less than or superiority in judgment, STOP the thought and acknowledge a value in the person, place or thing that adds to their energy (or your energy, as the case may be).  Counter each negative with a positive and then let it go.  It is a battle though, for the little mind likes to be right, likes to feel justified, likes to focus on habitual thought patterns.  Be willing to let them go.

Sit in the energy of the Heart.  Allow the Divine Mind to take over your thought process.  When the Heart and Divine Mind are married, working together as one, you will see only truth.  Know that there is purpose for each and every soul, and ask to love the creation as the Divine.



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