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Our Choices Help Create Our Future

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January 17, 2017
New Expectations
March 10, 2017

In every choice we make, change is at our doorstep.  With each choice, we have the opportunity to connect more deeply with our authentic self, to know ourselves better and to really become aware of our motivations, our beliefs, our dreams and desires… and to choose from that place.

One of the benefits of doing inner work is the ability to understand ourselves better and to make different choices from our new awareness.

Over the Christmas holidays I worked with a young teen whose family, school and coaches were quite concerned for his emotional state. Here was a youth that was withdrawing from the family, disconnected from friends and struggling at school… hyper-vigilant at putting 110% of his time and energy into the dream of fame and fortune, if only he could get better at the sport of his choosing…Instead beating himself up when his results didn’t reflect his effort.

Well, I’m no dream buster!!  Nor do I want to be.  And yet, how many of us have ended up where we thought we were going as youths?  Not that that is a bad thing. I am grateful my path has opened in a way I never imagined. Life has a way of opening different opportunities than we can see from our teen-aged eyes as we try to find our place in the world.

The danger here lies in closing all the other doors that are opening to us, focusing totally on one particular distant dream, and thinking that we have only one choice, one chance.  Our lives then become grossly unbalanced, especially for a young life with limited life experience.

And still, our choices help create our future.

Over the school holidays, I worked together twice with this youth.  First, with a BreakThrough empowerment session, a marathon 4-5 hour session combining NLP and hypnosis to unplug as many limiting beliefs as possible and shift into a more positive state. A week later, we connected for some energy work to release layers of emotions and do Ho’o pono pono, the Hawaiian forgiveness process.

Two weeks later, I received some wonderful feedback from his mother. They were noticing a “NOT SO SUBTLE” change in their son. He was participating more in family events, willing to go on a mini-family vacation that he had previously declined… he was laughing and playing more, even his other siblings noticed the change… and on his own, he apologized to his mom, which initiated a conversation that brought healing and better understanding for both of them.

Not that a magic wand was waved and suddenly life was perfect… Instead there was a definite change in his behaviour and attitude, and how much emotional and mental baggage he was operating from… which once we shifted, created the possibility for different choices.



If you have an inner dragon that needs slaying, or some change you need help with, bringing more inner light, more peace and more possibility, let’s connect. We can have a 15 minute chat to see if my unique ways of facilitating can help you on your way…  

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