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5 Dimensional Manifestation

What Do You Believe?
April 26, 2022
What’s at the Root?
May 4, 2022

Do you ever have trouble choosing or knowing what you want? The logical thinking mind can go astray or get lost with too many choices.

But there is another way…

Reach into your heart – it knows the truth. The heart has an energy field that reaches out, senses vibration, energy and discord… and it can help you hone your skill of remembering resonance.

The thinking mind likes process.  If you can think it, you can do it… or take steps that will bring you closer toward your goal. We’ve all been told this. And it’s true – you can… with effort.

But instead of reaching your goal, your unconscious may activate limiting beliefs and fears. This means you might unconsciously choose the “NOT” – the NOT happy, the NOT healthy, the NOT prosperous – the opposite of your goal, whatever it is.

When you use your mind to manifest in a logical, linear way, you must also deal with the fears, beliefs and resistance.  More often that holds you back from actualizing your dreams and desires, or at least taking the hard way there.

This is truly a 3D way to manifest.

But when you can sink into your heart space, feel its warmth and invited-ness – for truly it invites you with its delicious myriad of emotions – and allow it to seek vibrations of similar resonance, of comfort, joy, love, peace or acceptance, it will attract more of the same.  Allowing yourself to spend as much time as you can in the space of your heart and its resonant energy field can create greater ease and opportunities that your mind just simply cannot image.

Awe, wonder, curiosity and adventure can also be found through the heart.

So too can pain, loss, suffering or anger, if that is the shield you wear around your most sacred heart magnet.

Rather, fill it with love gratitude and peace whenever you can. It will serve you well.

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