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What Do You Believe?

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February 22, 2022
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April 29, 2022

Thoughts and beliefs (most of which are unconscious) are the foundation of what we consider possible in our lives. It’s why I have developed a 3-part process that pulls out limiting beliefs and then installs new supportive beliefs. After all, you wouldn’t want to input a new belief without releasing the opposing belief or you’d end up being pulled in two different directions!  Every month in my Alchemy from the Inside Out group, we do a belief change. In April, we released, “I am the victim of my circumstances” and installed, “I am the co-creator of my reality.” Keep in mind, this is a group of spiritually-minded women. One participant didn’t think she had that limiting belief—she used to… but not any more… And she was so surprised as we went through the process that she was jutting her jaw way to the left (unconsciously) and could feel some pressure on her chest. It’s always so fascinating to see and feel your beliefs manifested on the body level.   Even her resistance showed up—as Scrooge!   Through the process, her jaw realigned and her chest pressure shifted. I share this with you to help you understand that unconscious beliefs may be the total opposite of what you want to believe.  Those early childhood beliefs, beliefs reinforced through our lives and the beliefs adopted through hardship, struggle or trauma have a strong hold in our unconscious because they are associated with safety.  The unconscious has a prime directive to keep us alive and secondly, keep us safe. It learns through our past experiences, and when something similar triggers those memories, we respond from that unconscious perspective. It’s why change work that has the cooperation of the unconscious is so powerful. It’s such an honour for me to do this work. I want you to know that it IS POSSIBLE to shift beliefs, and have a tangible experience of the transformation, and that it doesn’t have to be hard!   

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