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When Life Just Hurts…

BUT ~ Is It What You Really Want?
July 15, 2019
Transforming Emotion
September 7, 2019
BUT ~ Is It What You Really Want?
July 15, 2019
Transforming Emotion
September 7, 2019

I was hanging my sons’ sheets outside when a memory triggered of when he was so sick years ago…  when even the sheets on his bed hurt him. I could never hang his sheets out back then; it was just too painful for his skin.  His bedding and clothes had to be super soft and dried in the dryer. 

At the start of grade 6, he came down with a sudden and seemingly mysterious illness that quickly blossomed into a chronic and life threatening condition.  His health went downhill fast and continued its descent for 3½ years … before we finally found something that shifted his health. He would spend weeks at a time in the Children’s hospital, off all food and even water. Only an IV drip and ice chips for his mouth, eventually having to have liquid nutrition pumped into his body through a broviac tube that was inserted into a major blood vein.  All to bypass his digestive system which was throwing his body completely off balance.

Just before we found the key he needed to regain his health, the doctors’ weren’t sure he would even make it. They were suggesting he be on a drug trial to have injections of live rat cells or to have his colon removed, hoping that either one of these last remaining options provided some relief. 

They had diagnosed him with Crohn’s disease, despite the fact that all the medical tests came back as ‘inconclusive’ and none of the Crohn’s treatments created any degree of relief whatsoever… and most of the alternatives we tried didn’t fare much better.  


Sometimes it pays to be tenacious …

to keep looking for a solution… to keep trying…


For my son, the saving grace was essential oils.  The second he started taking his ‘recipe’, there was an immediate change. Even the doctors could see the difference in his blood work and questioned us as to what we were doing…  After all, nothing they had done had produced results like this. 

It took our son a few months to strengthen and balance his system, but it was a straight, clear uphill path once we got on it.  He has been well ever since – no medication, no diet restrictions, no regular medical visits, no flair ups, no lifelong health condition.

I’m so grateful that everything worked out well and that challenging time is long gone!  We’re not the only ones that have gone through such experiences; they are life changing, perception-shifting, growth experiences. 

But it is another example of how sometimes you need to step off the beaten track to find solutions.  And how sometimes, you just need to listen. 

We had tried all sorts of things in the alternative world of healing and mainstream medicine, more like grasping at straws, but nothing helped. 3½ years of trying… everything…   

Until one day a friend of mine called to see if my son would be a case study for a medical aromatherapy course she was taking.  I didn’t think he’d be interested in doing anything else, feeling a lot like a human guinea pig, but I asked anyway and he said OK right away. He didn’t even think about it. Was that an intuitive hit for him? Or was he just tired of being sick and tired?  Who knows… the important thing is that he said yes.

We were give

n a ‘recipe’ that consisted of 5 oils, where to buy them to ensure top quality, unadultered products, and how to take them. I got the intuitive hit that we needed one more oil in the mix, so my friend went back to her teacher and he gave us his suggestion. It felt intuitively right and now we had our recipe consisting of 6 oils, all mixed together, taking 2 drops twice a day mixed in a quality carrier oil. That was it.

Back on the road to health!

 Within six months, my son was vibrant, healthy, normal kid in grade 9. Good digestion, balanced immune system, normal blood counts…

and the energy to enjoy life. He had a second recipe we gave for another 6 months to really strengthen his system, and we haven’t looked back. 

I think it is so important to really listen to our bodies – I learned that in my own healing crisis many years earlier – to heed its wisdom and incorporate the action steps needed to maintain a healthy, balanced life. When we get out of balance, there is a shift that we need to get back on track, whether it ‘s on a physical level, or it is emotional healing, mind shifting or spiritual connection… or any combination. 

Sometimes life takes us down a path that is a bit off the beaten trail. The choice is ours as to how we hand the situation. When we can look outside the box, we can find new perspectives, new options or possibilities. 

My son’s life changing experience has shaped him into a person that loves life, and he has created one that is filled with adventure, play, creativity and connection. And he doesn’t settle for anything less!  He just turned 30 years old, and had an amazing adventure in Iceland to celebrate. 



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