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Transforming Your World with Huna

April 2, 2019
Do You Want More Clarity?
June 2, 2019

It’s been just over a month since I’ve been back from my Level 4 Huna training. I’ve had so many people ask about it, all I can say is that it was amazing in so many ways!!  Paradigm shifting, with more tools, greater understanding of energy and mastery, and certainly more self awareness.

We started out by spending a few days in the Volcano Park, considered the home of Pele. Our first night there, we were welcomed with an earthquake 5.5 on the Richter scale and only 9 miles from the epicentre. Pele was saying hello!


Of course, as I evolve so does my service.

And it will be fun to watch where this all leads…


Aside from private sessions, group work, and the workshops and products I’ve developed, I am now able to do Intro to Huna workshops that include symbol initiations for those that want to bring the magic of Huna into their lives.


Some of the major concepts in Huna focus on the power to create your life, to navigate through challenging times, to become more self aware and to heal on the inside because our world reflects what we hold within ourselves.  We are taught about energy and the elements and how to work with them. We are taught healing and forgiveness, and Higher Self Connection (through a ritual process).  How to stay in alignment.  The importance of integrity and respect for self and others.  And the power of thoughts and words. Your words are important!  Use them wisely!

Words have power!  Life is full of choices and that includes the words we use. Besides the words we choose to express ourselves in the world, there are also the words we say silently in our own head. Our thoughts are silent words. They are the conversation we have with ourselves that show us what we believe about ourselves and the world.  And they play a huge in our success in life and our experiences.

Of course at ThoughtChange, we believe that change starts on the inside and that we all have incredible potential to transform our lives!!

One of the most interesting moments I had was when my kumu (teacher) very directly told me to put my hands away while I was talking with him.  He specifically asked that I NOT to wave my hands at him while I was talking. I found it rather odd until later that day when he included in his talk how the Hawaiians didn’t use crystals or wands but used their fingers as wands.

Now it made sense! He could see the light and the energy coming off my hands!

And now I am very mindful when I use my hands and my words together, and how I am directly the mana (or energy) through my communication.


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