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Healing through Energetic Release



If you’re struggling with a health issue,

and you’re ready to

 release the underlying emotions and beliefs associated…

NOW you can augment your current health care protocol with an affordable do-it-yourself program,

Healing through Energetic Release is a program you can use at your own pace.


Get better results when

you work with

your Unconscious

& High Vibration

Spiritual Energy

 to Balance & Heal

Healing through Energetic Release is a combination of shamanic work, energy healing and inner work. This program works with high vibration energy, your higher self and your unconscious mind in a powerful collaboration of healing.  This process has the ability to radically shift your inner world so your body can use its innate ability to heal itself.


You’ll be guided through a 2 part process, 10 audios in all, to uncover & RELEASE deep layers of:

  • Unresolved emotions ~ including Anger, Grief, Fear, Guilt & Shame
  • Limiting beliefs, patterns, vows, oaths & contracts
  • Plus a BONUS healing energy channel of the Triune Heart Flame


You’ll experience the power of the unconscious mind and have a tangible experience of energy work! You will feel different after the each release! And you’ll have more awareness of just how much emotional and thought baggage you were carrying without having to re-live them to let them go.

This audio program has over 2 hours of energy healing you can use over and over again!


Experience energy medicine as a powerful tool to assist healing on every level.



I was lucky to receive this clearing by Linda a few weeks ago and boy has it cleared a lot of stuff! Linda is a gentle soul and she made me feel so at ease and comfortable, although I had never met her before. Thank you Linda the world is a better place with you in it! Jessica Eriksson, UK


I did Linda’s Healing through Energetic Release, which is all about releasing emotions! I thought at first it was not ‘doing’ anything.  Then at the last part I saw this wonderful white light and a beautiful unicorn.  It brought tears to my eyes as I started releasing  some very deep emotions.  Linda’s techniques are amazing and I am so grateful that I was able to do this incredible energy release.  her voice makes me feel safe and it was like magic.  Thank you so much Linda. ~ Valerie

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