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Limiting Behaviour Patterns

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February 4, 2015
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February 26, 2015


Our lives are filled with unconscious thoughts and actions. Some are very useful and some are not.  Imagine what it would be like if every time you sat in the driver’s seat of your car, you had to consciously choose every action!  Driving would become a tedious task…


Your unconscious is very adept at learning skills and repeating them.  Conscious thoughts and actions can easily become patterns simply by doing them often enough, especially if they are aligned with your belief system.


Patterns might be considered a “security within reality.”  People often find themselves caught up in patterns that are limiting and don’t necessarily realize them.   Patterns can be on a physical, emotional or mental level. And we all have them.


Look for those ‘automatic’ reactions. Do you always reach for a piece of chocolate (or something else)  when  stressed?  Do you say yes even when you really don’t want to?  Or maybe you say no all the time, without considering the joy that may come from saying yes on occasion?  Do you automatically think of all reasons why something might not work?   Sometimes others are more aware of our patterns than we are.


Look to the Self  –  that authentic part of you, and seek out patterns that you have created… that create a sense of comfort and security within your reality.  Ask yourself if they are restricting or holding you back in any way.  Very often they do!


Seek to alter, move away from or transform the patterns that limit you.  Seek out a new way of perceiving reality, which in turn will give you a new way of experiencing reality.  Seek more joy, vitality and creativity in your reality.


This kind of introspection and self awareness can open doorways into the subconscious and the psychic self.  It also makes you more attuned to the reality in which you exist, and the reality that exists within you.  See the world from the inside out, not the outside in.
This is one of the joys I have in doing the transformational work I do.  I love to see the patterns of those I work with, as well my own patterns, shift or fade away… especially when they are “side effects” of other issues we are working on.


One client had come on a rather urgent matter, after having a difficult experience with her manager at work.  She was considering quitting her job because it seemed impossible for her to remain there.  We had a very long session… but a very successful one.


On Monday morning she was able to return to work without anxiety, interact with her manager without any uncomfortable feelings, and as a result of that session, she discovered she was now able to look people in the eye when she spoke to them.  What a gift she received!


Sometimes limiting patterns take a seemingly long time to shift, and sometimes they can fall away in a moment.

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