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Huna Tools in My Toolbox

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January 31, 2014
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Huna Tools in My Toolbox


palm-tree-146774_150My level 2 Huna course last year was totally amazing!  It was a very intense course, packed with esoteric teachings, techniques, and even some chanting, hula and drumming.  They were long days that started at 9 am and usually went until 8:30 pm… add that to a 6 hour time difference and a foreign language, and you have neurology that getting is a thorough workout!


I have been very excited to bring more Huna into my private sessions and workshops.  I have a number of new tools that will support the transformational work I do. Some of my new tools include:  Ho’o ku’u—a very effective emotional release technique, Ho’oponopono—the Hawaiian forgiveness process, Higher Self connectionwhere you can actually touch your Higher Self, and more Huna energy symbols.


The Higher Self Connection is a most interesting process that includes sufficient Ho’o ku’u clearing to remove emotional baggage and help raise your vibration to allow contact with the higher vibration of the Higher Self. It also involves native Hawaiian chanting which evokes energy.  It is amazing to reach up and feel the energy sensation above your head before bringing the Higher Self down.  In class, after our clearing and Higher Self connection, we were very blissed out.


I have been working with Huna daily… especially Ho’o ku’u and Ho’oponopono,  and using the symbols to work with my energy.  I am noticing huge (and very positive) shifts in my perception. And as my internal world changes, so does my external world.  I hope the same for you!


In just over a month, I will be heading back to Hawaii for Level 3.  I wonder what magic I will discover this time…


Lei Flowrer

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