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Honouring Your Contribution

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September 15, 2022
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December 20, 2022

When was the last time you acknowledged your contribution, your place in the grand scheme of things?  Have you ever?  Sadly, most people pay more attention to what they feel is wrong, where they feel they fall short or where improvement is desired.  Because your focus directs your energy, focusing on the flaws only uncovers more. Maybe it’s time for some radical self acceptance.  Rather than feeling not good enough, what if you could celebrate who you are?

My almost-4-year-old granddaughter is a constant reminder for me to look at things from other perspectives.  So often there is deep wisdom hidden in her point of view.

My Granddaughter’s Self Portrait

One day, not that long ago, she said, “Grammy, you are one lucky girl!”
I thought that was hilarious and tried not to laugh when I asked her why.
She responded so seriously, “Because you have a granddaughter.” 
Well, she was right!

Seriously, I don’t know how she ever came to that conclusion. Perhaps she was noticing the pure joy I experience when we spend time together.  Whatever led her to that thought is also creating a strong foundation of owning her value and honouring her contribution.  How perfect.

I’m currently experimenting with a similar tactic… not only internally witnessing and acknowledging my part, but vocalizing it to others in a non-egotistical way when appropriate.

A recent example: I accompanied my son on an errand run, just to spend time with him. We went to a store that had something on sale he needed to buy.  He was happy it was on sale, but when we got there, the shelf was empty.  I really sensed there was some in the store, so I took a walk around and found a few of them left on a display in a random aisle.

I said to my son, “Aren’t you lucky your brought your mom?”  He responded with “Good work mom.” 

Those little acknowledgements count!  They build a foundation of respect, value and appreciation. For yourself and others.  Invite them into your life right now. Start with yourself, and be bold enough to to express it now and again. It’s a vibration you are putting out in the world when you do.

I love this quote from THEO, channeled by Sheila Gillette.

Please don’t deny the gift that you are.

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