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Holding Your Own in Trying Times

Stepping Out of the Box
March 10, 2020
Vibrational Assistance for Transformative Times
April 1, 2020

It almost feels to me like this pandemic is a ‘reset button’ for humanity. I see how we are cooperating on a global scale. I see many finding their innate compassion, many assisting neighbours and others wherever they can. Grateful for technology that allows us to connect through phone and internet.

I read about the reduction in both water and air pollution. I marvel at the resilience of the Earth and the natural world. We are part of that, and just as resilient. Perhaps through this whole thing, we are rediscovering our humanity?

In my home, we are living quietly… still going out for walks and occasional errands. We have food, water, our needs filled, My life is not that different. And yet it is…


If you need some tools to support your inner world through this “global pause,” I have a few suggestions for you.


  • Stay informed but personally, I avoid 24/7 news coverage. It’s too easy to step into a fear frenzy when that is all you hear or focus on. 
  • Laugh. Laughter increases your immune response. Stress decreases it. Comedy movies and humorous videos are great.
  • Stay centered.  Find peace inside yourself. Meditation, grounding techniques, mindfulness and breathwork can make a profound difference to your internal state.
  • Look after yourself.  Follow your area’s medical recommendations.  Eat well. Drink plenty of fluids. Wash your hands. Practice in physical social distancing.  Exercise and sleep well.
  • Feed your soul. Do something you love everyday.  Focus on all the things you appreciate in your life.
  • Be part of the solution.  If you are lightworker or emotional support worker, your tools and skills are needed now. If you aren’t, do your best to stay calm and centered. Avoid feeding fear. If you are struggling, reach out to someone for help.


What I am finding with many clients is that even though they may not be embodying the current global fears, many of their own personal issues are coming up loud and clear for attention.

Astrologically speaking, this is a very transformative time. I see huge shifts being made easier than ever before.
Private sessions are available and very effective by phone or video call.

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