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Hardwired for Your Purpose?

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August 9, 2018
Making Life Better
September 15, 2018

I had a chat with a client awhile back and she was telling me about all the changes happening in her life. Big changes. I hear that a lot actually, from people who work with me consistently. Change happens naturally.

Sometimes those changes are planned for and sometimes they feel more like the ebb and flow of life. Natural and necessary, if you heed your inner promptings.

After clearing out emotional debris and limiting beliefs and finding more alignment with your spirit, you start having a better sense of self, of what resonance feels like, and of being less willing to settle. That can be in relationships, jobs or anywhere in one’s expression of life… anywhere that needs a shift.

Why does it seem so obvious what isn’t working in your life once you do some transformational work?

I believe that we are hardwired for our life purpose. That within us, we hold the breadcrumbs that lead us down the path, programmed in our DNA and accessible through the unconscious. These are things like natural aptitudes and interests, dreams and desires, and joy.

Ancient wisdom schools taught that there is open communication between the Unconscious and the Higher or Spiritual Self. That’s why it is important to pay attention to intuitive and dream messages, and the subtle signals the body gives us.

But your logical mind can get in the way; intuitive and spiritual messages don’t always seem logical—although often they do, if you could travel into the future.

If you are searching for your purpose or wish to step more fully into it, the one thing you are going to want is the cooperation of your Unconscious. If you don’t have that, it’s going to feel like you are paddling upstream. And it’s not going to be a smooth ride…  A little trust goes a long way too!

After my conversation with my client, I wondered if there was anything that could be done to help the process a bit, of not having to do tons of clearing work before finding the path. And of course, it’s possible. It’s been happening for millennium!

The next morning I work up with the idea of recording a hypnosis track as way to trigger the memory of purpose held within the unconscious. Hypnosis is such an effective tool to work with the unconscious, especially when listened to repeatedly. It’s deeply relaxing and beneficial in so many ways… In fact, 30 minutes of hypnosis is like 4 hours sleep, and who couldn’t use more sleep?

Before breakfast, I’d tweaked a script and recorded the track. I have been listening almost every day since. My days go smoother, I am happier within myself, and I have had some pretty interesting opportunities come my way. I’ve had a few unexpected changes too, but that is just part and parcel of being more on track for my purpose.

The audio about 15 minutes long and easy to listen to when I first wake up in the morning or just before going to sleep.

If  you’re interested in awakening your purpose, you might benefit from listening too!

Click here for more info.

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