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Every Thought is a Prayer
September 8, 2015
Relax… and Let the Magic Happen
September 22, 2015

I had the strangest dream last night…  not necessarily in the content, but more so who showed up.

I found my self walking on a busy street that looked and felt like it was a foreign country.  There was a people-262886_640street market or bazaar (that somehow registered as “bizarre” in my mind), some traffic but much more foot traffic.  I was with my old neighbour – the husband of neighbour lady I chummed around with 20 years ago.  I haven’t seen that family in years!  And they certainly haven’t been on my mind lately.  We both moved from the neighbourhood and our lives went in different directions.  And now her husband was in my dream…

We were walking in a rather busy area.  It turns out I wasn’t going fast enough!  So my ex-neighbour took me by the arm and started pulling me forward…

Here I was “plodding” along at a decent pace (or so I thought), taking in all the scenery and just experiencing it, and I’m suddenly dragged forward at a much faster pace.

The street was getting more crowded, and there may have been the aspect that my walking partner did not want to lose me, but it seemed like we were headed some place in particular, or at least he was… and it’s a good thing he knew where he was going because I was just lolly gagging around… we had a definite destination, even though I seemed oblivious to it.


There is some very interesting symbology in the dream.  When I look at it more closely, it could be telling me that I’ve been on a new adventure (true), just happy being there (also true), and things are going to being moving substantially faster.  I’m going to have to pick up the pace.  And considering that my ex-neighbour is an accountant, there could be some money involved.


Dreams are so much fun to analyze!  There are hidden messages all over the place, messages from the unconscious and  the Higher Self, and from our guides and helpers.  Even deceased loved ones can come to us in our dreams.

You don’t even have to remember the whole dream, even a small portion of it will hold the energy of the message.

Some dreams are simply “process” dreams, helping you integrate your day-to-day life, but some offer advice and guidance to assist you, and some carry premonitions of the future.  You’ll know the difference by the energy of it.  Dreams that have significant messages feel more important.


female-865110_640I encourage you to write out your dreams.  Start a dream journal.  It’s best to write when you first wake up because your dream is still fresh in your mind, but if that is not possible, tell someone about the dream to help you keep your recall, or at least write down a few highlights to trigger your memory.

You might like to write out your dreams instead of type because it is easier to access your unconscious mind that way. As you write, you might recall more vivid details than if you type.

Look at the symbols and spend some time deciphering them to understand what they could mean.  When you do, you’ll find your unconscious a committed partner who will offer you more.

It’s so much fun when you understand your dream messages and you can see their implication in your life.  It can bring you a greater depth of understanding of situations or people in your life, and most certainly yourself.  Sometimes it can help you make wiser choices or give you a glimpse into future possibilities.

Happy journaling!


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