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Choice ~ a channelled poem

Per­sonal De­vel­op­ment? Is­n’t that called LIFE?
May 13, 2015
Keeping Your Momentum
June 2, 2015


To be or not to be…

Like the flower blossoming,

we too have chosen to BEcome.

We have chosen to be here.


It is here in this moment,

our choices demand our attention.


For from this moment,

we create the next and the next and the next…


Choices made from the past do not move us forward.

Instead, they fill us with bitterness or regret.


Cast your thoughts toward your happiness

in this moment.

This is where your power lies.


In this moment,

Find your joy, your peace, your inspiration.

And let that choice become the path

that leads you to your heart’s desire.


For in choice,

We become the masters of our destiny.

Do we look back with anger or sorrow?  Ahead with fear?

Or spend this moment basking in the gift life is bringing us?


How much of life do you actually live?

How much of life do you live in your head?

The choice is yours.


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