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Asking the Right Question

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Asking the Right Question


Question markI’ve had experiences changing my perception instantly. How did I do this?  I asked a question!

A number of years ago I had a job that included one particular task I really didn’t enjoy.  In fact, I dreaded it!  I didn’t have to do it often, but the fact that remained that it was part of my job responsibilities.  And that was that…

Now… if every thought is a prayerand the Universe knows every thought you think and every feeling you feel… and that’s where you create from… my attitude about this task was definitely creating havoc in my vibration!

One day, in the middle of winter, I got my winter gear on to go outside.  I needed to unpack the boss’s vehicle and then repack it for his forthcoming excursion.  I could no longer avoid the daunting task—I was going to have to sit down and sort through 2 months worth of redeemed manufacturer’s coupons for 4 retail stores, and submit them for reimbursement.

I was tired of feeling this way, so as I sat to put my boots on I simply asked, “How can I bring love into this?”  I wasn’t consciously praying to God or the Universe, my guides or guardian angel. I wasn’t racking my brain for an answer.  It was just a simple thought in question form.

All of a sudden everything changed.  The heaviness I was feeling lifted; there seemed to be more light in my immediate environment. I went outside feeling good. I unpacked and repacked the vehicle, and then sorted through all the paperwork that had been sent in.  Then I sat down and tackled the coupons.  All of my resistance was gone!  I was actually looking forward to doing the coupons!

I was totally amazed. My whole perception had changed in an instant.  How could this be?  All I had done was ask a simple question?  I wasn’t expecting to get an answer or a shift in attitude. It was more a sigh and a wondering how I could make this experience better for me.  Asking that question in an energy of surrender left the space for an inner shift.

Too often our focus is on getting the right answer. We think and think and think some more— ruminating about our experiences, our choices, or our feelings… over and over again… trying to find some clarity or the right answer.

What if we could send a grander question out to the Universe instead of trying to find the right answer ourselves? And open for the response… without limiting what that answer could be?

I’ll give you an example…  Let’s say you weren’t happy in your work.  You might mull over all the details.  You might even make a list of the pros and cons of staying or looking for a new job.  Is that a bad idea? Not necessarily.  But chances are if you decide to leave, you might attract employment with similar challenges.  If you do make a list and decide to leave, I recommend switching all of the negatives into positives of what you do want. (ie. “I have a long commute in heavy traffic.” Switch it to “I have an easy and peaceful commute.”)

But instead of asking “Should I keep this job or not?” imagine if you sent out an open, expansive question.  What if you asked the Universe… “How could I feel more fulfilled in my work or my life?” Or “How could I be of greater service (which incidentally would bring more fulfillment)?” Or more simply, “What else is possible?”   

Just send the question out into the ethers… and don’t try to answer it yourself… just let it go… If you are constantly focusing on finding the answer, you actually repel it.  You are in your head too much.  Just let it go, and pay attention to shifts in perception and opportunities that open up.

Questions open doors that didn’t exist before.

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