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BodyTalk is a holistic therapy that re-synchronizes the body’s energy system. Yin-yang

Every organ and atom in your body are in constant communication with each other. But these lines of communication can become compromised, leading to stresses on your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels.

When you can reconnect these pathways you allow your body’s natural internal mechanisms to function at their optimal levels, which harmonizes your Body-Mind-Spirit connection and bring about natural balance and healing.

The physical body was designed to heal and repair itself. By opening and strengthening these lines of communication, BodyTalk supports healing on all levels.

Trained in the Bodytalk protocol since 2002.


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Emotional Freedom Technique


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is taking the world by storm and for good reason.  By simply tapping on specific Energy Techniquesacupuncture meridian points, you can release intense emotions, physical pain, phobias and long held traumas.

When you have a break or blockage in your body’s energy flow it can bring about all kinds of negative emotion.

By tapping on the meridians while focusing on your specific challenge the energy blockage is reduced or even removed, and your symptoms can actually vanish!  For best results you must find the root cause and work from there.Vitruvian man

There may be a variety of levels that need to be clear before you can release the emotion, and there may also be psychological reversal or toxins that disrupt your energy flow. But when used to its fullest potential it’s truly an amazing process!


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Emotion Code  


This is a remarkably fast and highly effective way of releasing trapped emotions from your body.  Intense emotions can become trapped at any age, or they can even be inherited at the moment of conception.

CNSIn his chiropractic practice, Dr. Brad Nelson discovered that trapped emotions cause or affect most physical pains.  He discovered a way to release these stored emotions using magnets, along with a breakthrough system he called the Emotion Code.

Trapped emotions can be at the root of many issues, and health concerns are just the beginning.  Things such as relationship patterns, work issues, finances, fears and phobias can often have an undetected emotional blockage that can wreak havoc for years.

Contrary to many other modalities, you do not need to re-live any trauma or re-experience any emotion with this technique.  Instead, it’s a fast, effective and gentle way to release. It is effective in person, over the phone, or using a surrogate.

Trained in the Emotion Code in 2010.

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Body Code

Dr. Nelson further developed his magnet technique to encompass a more comprehensive healing method called the Body Code.

This system energetically balances your organs and glands, chakras and meridians, and to assist in releasing toxins and pathogens, plus a wide variety of other influences not necessarily caused by trapped emotions.

Trained in the Body Code in 2010.

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The Heart Wall


HeartWhile developing The Emotion Code, Dr. Nelson discovered that most people build a wall of trapped emotions around the heart chakra. Sometimes when people experience intense emotions, they hold those emotions close to them, as a way of protecting them from having similar experiences.

As these emotions collect around the heart chakra, they build a wall that not only becomes an emotional burden, but also makes it difficult for the person to connect with their True Essence.

I have worked with a number of people to remove their heart walls, and the results can be quite profound.

For most people, their energy is lighter and they begin to experience more joy and happiness. Their perceptions can change as they find themselves more often in the flow.  Even business prospects and finances can increase as the guidance and wisdom of their heart is more accessible.

The heart wall is removed using the Emotion Code and takes several sessions, depending on the size and density. Sometimes there can be hidden heart wall(s) underneath the first one.


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Huna, meaning “secret,” is the ancient Hawaiian wisdom of metaphysical teachings, healing and spiritual development.   The original name was Ho’o Mana, meaning “to make life force” or “to empower.”

It is a powerful and transformational system of energy work, meditation practices, psychology, philosophy, and more. Its practice can lead to a profound experience of wholeness and connection that over time becomes your most natural state of being.

Like many ancient schools of wisdom, the Hawaiian teachings respect the spirit of the natural world and the power of the elements.  Honua (earth), ahi (fire), wai (water) and makani (air) make up the four traditional elements, the fifth being Keawe (Ether).  Each element has specific qualities to achieve greater balance in many aspects of our lives. Lava Tube with reflection

Huna is a school that teaches respect on other levels too…  Respect for others, respect for one’s Self, for integrity, and in relationship.  The teachings are based in Aloha.


Each person has 3 levels of being:

  • the unihipili, the lower self or unconscious mind
  • the uhane, the middle self or conscious mind
  • the aumakaua or the higher self

The goal is to be congruent, in alignment with all three levels.

Lei Flower


My clients have seen some amazing results with Huna, shifting more quickly and having more awareness as they increase their ability to clear at deeper levels. They have also reported feelings of deep relaxation, like having an energy massage.


Huna teaches us:

  • The world is what you think it is
  • There are no limits, everything is possible
  • Energy flows where attention goes
  • Now is the moment of power
  • All power comes from within
  • Be congruent with yourself, including your past. Be in harmony with others.
  • To gain personal power, take responsibility for everything that happens to you.
  • Energy is just energy. It is how we perceive it that makes a difference.
  • Focus on what you want — not on what you don’t want.


Ongoing trained in Huna since 2005.  Level 3 Initiate

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Cell Pattern Release Method


Cell Pattern Release is an interactive process that energetically releases stored memories and emotions on a cellular level and repatterns a new, more supportive belief/memory/energy flow.  No need to relive past trauma for this technique to be effective.  The cellular memory may be unconscious or generational. Once cleared, the body and/or subconscious can come back into balance, allowing the self-healing process to happen naturally. Effective for pain and physical conditions, fear reaction and other emotions, birth trauma and many repetitive patterns. You’ll learn how to tune into your internal guidance system to connect all the dots that support the memory we are releasing.

Trained in CPMR since 2022.

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Hypnosis is used everywhere for all kinds of reasons these days, because it’s such an amazing tool for harnessing the power of the subconscious to achieve specific goals like losing weight, smoking cessation, eliminating stress, eradicating phobias and the list goes on.

FractalBrainOne of the most common fears people have about hypnosis is that they are giving up control to someone else, but you can rest assured that you are always in complete control.  Your subconscious will simply ignore any suggestion that does not fit into your morality or ethics.

It is important to have a good rapport and trust in the practitioner you choose to help you will feel at ease.

I’ve been a Certified Hypnotherapist since 2004 and I have the expertise to bring you relief in a variety of areas.

Imagine being free of what’s been bothering you for so long.


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Would you like to replace your limiting beliefs with healthier, more supportive ones?  Psych-K can make this happen because it actually rewrites the “software” of the subconscious mind.  It’s a very effective and empowering technique to change beliefs and perceptions that impact or even control our life.

Our subconscious mind stores our beliefs, and establishes the perimeters of what we experience and what we can achieve.

In Bruce Lipton’s book, Biology of Belief, we are shown that our beliefs impact our life at a cellular level, and can actually change our DNA.

Head-LightUsing an elegant combination of left/right brain balancing exercises with energetic balances, positive beliefs are installed that support our goals on a more regular basis.

Trained in Advanced Psych-K protocols since 2007.

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Quantum Techniques


QTQuantum Techniques is a system for self-healing that was developed by Dr. Stephen Daniels, after suffering from chronic migraine headaches for years.   This innovative, complex and highly effective system is often successful where many other alternative therapies and medical treatments fail.

It starts by scanning for psychological reversal (PR) and toxins – such as foods, personal products, and environmental factors.  PR is described as your body’s energy flowing in reverse. The theory is that any healing treatments will not hold if your energy is reversed – even broken bones won’t mend.  The body loses its natural ability to heal itself. Exposure to toxins is one thing that can reverse your energy and make you lose the benefits of any treatments you may have had.

There is often a high load of pathogens carried by the body, things like bacteria, fungus, viruses, and parasites. Sometimes when they have been living in the body for a long time, it is almost like there is a curtain or veil hiding their presence and the immune system does not respond. Quantum Techniques communicates their presence to the body so appropriate immune responses can be sent to heal.

This system also deals with fragmented aspects of the psyche, or “internal parts” that may have formed during traumas. Unless there is 100% cooperation from the subconscious (including any parts), change can be slow and tedious.

When the scan is complete, all the information is put into a “code” made up of acupuncture points and chakras. This code can be programmed into the body and read, tapped or scanned with the finger tips.B-W Tattoo Sun

Often Quantum Techniques will come up in my client sessions expressing a need to test for toxins, integrate parts, or support the session with a code the client can do on their own.

I’ve had ongoing training in Quantum Techniques since 2004 and can bring you some much needed relief even  it’s been out of reach for so long.

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Reiki handsReiki is an incredible healing method where the Universal Life Force energy is called upon through my hands, which rest gently on or above your body.

Reiki energy can feel very warm and soothing or very cool, sometimes tingly. Many people can feel the energy flowing during a session when they experience Reiki in person.

Reiki can be used for many things, including:

  • relaxation
  • stress release
  • pain relief
  • healing traumas or patterns
  • as a booster for other energy techniques
  • to help integrate balances
  • distant healing (as it can be sent through time and space)

Reiki complements most other therapies and has become very popular because of its effectiveness.

Having been trained in Usui Reiki since 1995 and initiated in 3rd level Reiki, I can provide these services to you so you can finally see some remarkable shifts take place.


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ZPoint is a simple but very effective technique that can quickly take you to a state of emotional well-being and inner peace in an hour or less.

The subconscious mind is very much like a super computer – it remembers every experience, every thought, and every word.

For the subconscious, there is no past or future – everything is happening NOW.  When you react intensely to something in your life, it can be an unconscious response triggered by some similar emotion or experience from your past.

ZPoint is somewhat of a “cleanup program” for your subconscious, similar to deleting outdated software that keeps running actively (consciously) or in the background (unconsciously). It can clear out large blocks of negative or uncomfortable feelings and thoughts, resulting in significant changes in your belief system and reaction patterns.

Imagine what this could mean for you!

  • You can transform your perceptions, your beliefs and your behavior as you release all those pent up emotions of past relationships, traumatic experiences, guilt and more.
  • Chronic pain issues can significantly improve once the related emotions are gently and easily released.
  •  You can release stress, fears, phobias and limiting beliefs.
  • You can move past painful and difficult feelings and start living a more rewarding life.
  • You can live the happy, positive and peaceful life you desire!

ZPoint also works extremely well with the Law of Attraction, releasing subconscious blocks to your desired goals and raising your vibration to be more aligned with what you want to attract.

I’ve been trained in Zpoint since 2011 with advanced training in 2013 and am uniquely qualified to help you bring about some real breakthroughs in your life with ZPoint.


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       Zpoint with shadow


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