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February 19, 2016
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April 8, 2016
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Sacred Chakras Meditation



Channeled from the Angels & recorded word for word as it was given.

Chakras are energy centers in the body that are very important to our well being.  They have a vital role in the function of health on every level – physical, emotional, thoughts and beliefs, and spiritual.

This healing meditation will take you through 8 major chakras in the body – the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, thymus, throat, 3rd eye and crown – and also allow you to connect with the higher auric chakras in your energy field.

More than just a chakra meditation, this guided exercise clears aspects from your unconscious and your energy bodies while activating the inherent power of each chakra, and connecting you to your deeper Spiritual Self.

Music by Kevin MacLeod. (33 min)


TestimonialsTonight I listened to Linda’s meditation on chakra balancing, and was lifted to highest heavens, deepest earth, full body delight. For a blissful half-hour I heard only her most soothing voice inviting the most lovely presentation of the chakra energy fields I’ve ever experienced … . In fact, seasoned by a life-time of Spirit’s Love fully alive within me, the time spent with Linda was one of the most profound moments of prayer I’ve experienced in a long while! I bow to her and to Love Which enfolds us, and she so tenderly calls forth. I am grateful for her gifts and for her sharing them. – Marilyn (Baltimore)


Wanted to pass along that I did a lot of clearing yesterday … throughout my bedroom most of the day and sitting in the tub listening to your Sacred Chakras MP3. Important work … thank you for your help!! 🙂 – M.P.


Thank you. Thank you, Linda.  I came up to my bedroom to meditate… Some rifts in the family that I don’t know how to help. Then my hubby found my old iPod that I hadn’t seen in several years. Something told me to look on there. I found your “Sacred Chakras” meditation… At the end of it is an opportunity to send a prayer directly to heaven… opening to very powerful prayers.

Tears are coming to my eyes as I write this… but you can imagine that I used the time to envision these family members surrounded in white light… but with red energy grounding them and giving them strength. More family came into this circle. Then I saw them with arms around one another… holding each other… with lots of wonderful energy and support flowing into each of them… peaceful and grounded.

I was feeling so helpless but I feel so, so much better now. Thank you for this wonderful gift, sitting on my once lost iPod, that I had no idea why I was so drawn to it. You are a lighthouse, Linda <3 <3 <3 S.


This meditation is beautiful. Thank you very much. So soothing. xx  Blissed out now… Good way to start my day xx – Rhonda (Australia)