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Welcome to my Useful Links page.

Here I share tools I’ve used in the past or currently use, or have personally tested.  I feel good about every listing here and I am happy to highly recommend them. Many of these resources are ones I personally have or that I have used to support my health, my lifestyle, my spiritual path or my business.

PEMF Technology

I love love love my PEMF mat and I use it every day.  When I am on the mat, I can feel the frequencies moving energy in my body, a feeling of warmth and a general sense of well being. I sleep better. I have more energy. I feel 20 years younger. I even think my brain function has improved. It’s so relaxing I want to spend time on it! It opens the micro-capillaries of your body so every part of you has better blood flow, which means everything receives more nutrients and oxygen and healing is faster. It helps so many physical conditions, and it is recommended for depression too. I think just about everyone should have a mat!! There are a few people that this technology is not recommended for; if you have a pacemaker or some electronic device embedded in your body, please do not use. You’ll find more information about the mat by clicking the link below.

Click here to visit Oxford Medical Instruments USA, Inc.

Gene Keys

I love systems that help you explore and know your Self in profound ways. Because of it’s spiritual nature, perhaps Gene Keys is my favourite. But it doesn’t just focus on spirituality. It takes you deeply into the nature of your work (career) here in this life, your greatest challenge, your life purpose, your health, your relationships, your path to prosperity, and more. It looks at all of these from the perspective of shadow expression, highest expression and the gift held within the journey from dark to light. Perhaps the greatest gifts the Gene Keys offer are true self acceptance and expression, and the ability to honour the same in others.

Click here to learn more about Gene Keys.

Coming November 2, 2020, Richard Rudd and Tanmayo Lawson embark on a 6 month Deep Dive into Love, relationships and emotional transformation. Explore the Venus Sequence in your Gene Keys in-depth with Richard in a virtual community. Click here for more info.

Deep Dive into the Venus Sequence

Gene Keys