Are you are struggling with a chronic health condition,

have a personal or family history

of cancer, heart disease or other illness?



Experience energy medicine as a powerful tool to assist healing on every level.


Empower yourself with


Health Alchemy from the Inside Out 


We’ll work with your Unconscious

& High Vibration Spiritual Energy

 to Balance & Heal


This package includes:


1)  Healing through Energetic Release

You’ll be guided through a 2 part process to uncover & RELEASE layers of:

  • Unresolved emotions ~ including Anger, Grief, Fear, Guilt & Shame
  • Limiting beliefs, patterns, vows, oaths & contracts

You’ll see the power of the unconscious mind and have a tangible experience of energy work!

You will become aware of your emotional and thought baggage without having to re-experience to let them go.

Over 2 hours of energy healing you can use over and over again!


2) Healing through Forgiveness

You’ll be guided through a forgiveness process to:

  • Find forgiveness for yourself and others
  • Cut the energetic cords that connect you to people and ancestors that are impacting your health
  • Release entities & energetic attachments






Receive all healing audios for only

only $144


I participated in Linda’s Health Alchemy from the Inside Out  –  which is all about releasing emotions! I thought at first it was not ‘doing’ anything.  Then at the last part I saw this wonderful white light and a beautiful unicorn.  It brought tears to my eyes as I started releasing  some very deep emotions.  Linda’s techniques are amazing and I am so grateful that I was able to participate in this incredible energy release.  She made me feel safe and it was like magic.  Thank you so much Linda. ~ Valerie