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When Your Soul Wakes You Up

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December 4, 2021
Elvis from the Other Side
Elvis from the Other Side
December 29, 2021

What is an awakening experience like? How does your life change after? Can you learn to trust the nudges from your soul? Spiritual teacher Dawn James shares her awakening experience and teaches us how to navigate our own. Tips to nurture the soul, align with your purpose, and discover the depth of wisdom within.

In episode 141: Stepping out of the story; Kundalini energy; Out of body experience; Unity consciousness; Your Unconscious; Emotions; Soul vacation; Life purpose: Asking questions; Alignment journaling, and more…

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Announcer: welcome to Exploring the Mystical Side of Life with your host Linda Lang.

Linda: Hi, this is Linda Lang from thoughtchange.com. We are exploring the mystical side of life once again.

if you enjoy our conversations please make sure you subscribe. Share it with a friend today. I have the beautiful Dawn James here with me. Welcome, Dawn! 

Dawn: Thank you so much Linda. Very excited to be here!

L: Dawn is a spiritual teacher and a sound healer who had an awakening experience. Awakening experiences  come in all shapes, sizes, duration of time. Dawn, can you tell us a little bit about your experience?  

D: Absolutely! So Linda, for me, I had a major life-changing event at the age of 38 but prior to that, I had what I call little bumps in the road and they were very subtle but they also changed an aspect of my life towards my 38th year. 

I had had a very traditional life — married with children; climbing the corporate ladder.

I broke a lot of glass ceilings as a black woman in Canada and I was in executive positions for  almost 16 years. But when I got to a certain stage in my career, I started to feel empty.   

I started to feel like there’s got to be more than just this and I started losing that fulfillment that I got from my career. I started losing interest and that turned into very quickly a loss of appetite. Christmas Day 2002 was my last official meal and I just was pulling away  from everything  — people, work things I thought I enjoyed, and food which I always used to love food.  

That transition took three months of not wanting anything. I sustained myself on water for almost seven weeks and that was my only sustenance. And so, during this time, I felt like I was being emptied like you’re just pouring water out of a cup but I didn’t know why I was being emptied.  

It would take me a year plus to know what happened. March of 2003, it was the day before spring equinox and I was so withdrawn from life and interest in everything I decided to stop speaking and I didn’t speak another word and so I spent almost 30 something hours not speaking. Now married with three kids can you imagine?

L: No, I can’t.

D: Right? And so the day was unforgettable. I made breakfast in silence, kissed, hugged, everyone went off to do whatever. I didn’t talk to anybody. I hung out with the dogs all day and the dogs don’t talk back. I didn’t talk to them. But when I went to bed in silence, I found some strange sensations along my back almost like spasms and it kept rising up and up my middle back and when it got just past my upper back, that’s when I felt something left out of me. And in that moment I was stunned that I could exist outside of this physical shell but at the same time I felt there was some sort of support holding me above my body and that’s when iIstarted  to experience this light, this pervading light just filling me and then I felt so much love, and  in an instant, I just scattered. I was everywhere!

I was, I went in every direction you can imagine. 

So, this feeling of oneness is what I experienced. That was my awakening. I felt so much love in every  cell of my body and yet I didn’t have a body. I was connected to every living person, plant, animal on this whole planet. It was a beautiful endless sense of freedom and immense love. I can’t even describe and I often say if you’ve had a grandchild or a child and you see that little baby in that moment, multiply that love by a million, that’s what i felt. That was my awakening in ’03.

L:  beautiful, beautiful. I’ve talked previously on the podcast about a similar experience I had where I was like not in my body but in my body at the same time and this overwhelming and totally unbelievable sense of just unconditional love that would you know pour over me in waves and you would think that that’s as much as there could be and there’d be another wave and it would be more and more.

D: Yes.  

L: We are so loved, so much more than we can imagine and we are that love.

D: Yes it’s the essence of who  we are and I’ll tell you I spent 38 years in my head, you know, go to school, learn this, memorize this, regurgitate this, and yet I never felt I was really connected to my purpose until my awakening. And I left corporate. I left that toxic lifestyle. I turned my back on everything I knew except family and started fresh. But the feeling of love and support is what propelled me  to be able to leave something that wasn’t resonating with me and start looking to be  in service. I soul-searched for 18 months when I realized I was more than a physical being. I soul-searched. Would it be okay to share a little something just to give our listeners some insight in what I realized when i woke up?

I just wrote my autobiography called Unveiled because I truly feel  spiritually awakening is like unveiling ourselves unveiling our senses to know we’re bigger than we  are. I just want to read an excerpt from my autobiography Unveiled…

“After I woke up in 2003, I became a conscious observer of my life including the past, the present, and possible future. When I reflected back on my life from infancy to adulthood, I began to notice something I had never paid attention to before. Something amazing unfolded. I began to see a pattern in my timeline during my childhood and my teen years. I was tested on this bumpy road to life.       

In the first phase of my life, I experienced many losses and yet I was pushed to a point  of surrendering to something greater than myself. Each time something was revealed  to me, this is my story of lifting the veils of revelations and waking up to my life.

What am I?  I am all that is expressed as a spiritual being currently on vacation as Dawn James. Who am i? I am an awakened one who chose to return.”

L: Beautiful. I love the idea of being  on vacation here on earth.

D: It is a nice concept. People and everyone smiles when I say that and I say lighten up, imagine you’re just visiting. And you know I’ve shared this with many, many, you’re going to live a lot lighter. You know how you feel when you go on vacation right?  

L:  You know it is the kind of thrilling place where we have a full spectrum of emotions that we can experience.

D: A couple of things… 1) having a mindset that one we chose to come to this playground  for a reason and 2) remembering we’re only on vacation. All things here in this realm are temporary. You’re gonna have a different experience. And being deeply attached to everything physically and emotionally, that’s when you experience loss. Whereas when you have an open mindset that I’m here exploring and I’m here to learn … and you have less attachment. You can actually realize certain events and experiences and lessons much, much quicker because you’re not distracted with attachment.

And that’s been my journey. I used to think I was detached but it’s really knowing that there’s a part of me that is immortal i can fully experience this from without getting too stuck in it.

L:  Tell me when you work with people that are going through their own process of awakening or perhaps it’s something they’re wanting to awaken?

D: When I came back  to consciousness, to this form, I had to quickly say to myself “what do I do now? Why am I here?” and that answer didn’t come for almost two years and when the answer did come, spirit asked me a question that was the answer and I thought, I  waited two years and you’re asking me a question? But the question was, what do you love to do?

And I sat on my bed, and I picked up my journal, and i started writing down all of the things I love to do, and everything had one thing in common and that was teaching. And so, I came back here as what I call a spiritual or conscious living teacher.  

How do we live consciously in working with people one-on-one or in groups? One of the first things I do is create that container, that safe space to assure them that this is your time to heal… and allow that to sink in… it’s your time to receive. And for those people feeling the stirrings of awakening, they’re feeling they’re not quite sure  they belong here or something’s not right, they’re not fulfilled anymore, I greatly invite them to start asking themselves some very deep questions.

My introduction to self-realization and purpose came from journaling. I picked up a journal and I started writing certain events and asking myself questions about these specific life experiences, and in just asking the question, I invited my subconscious to have a conversation with me. And when you open up that dialogue deep within you, you would be amazed at what you learn you discover you remember. And so, journaling has been a powerful tool that I have used with myself and others in the healing process, and even in the awakening process because we’re multifaceted, right?  

You said yourself we experienced so many things in this physical form and it can be distracting, so by sitting with yourself, being by yourself, asking yourself what I call thought-provoking questions. everything you need is right in here and that was the message I got back when I came back. All you need is within you. I literally heard those words whispered in my ears and I opened my eyes back to this form, and so, “all you need is within you” is a very very important message. And we can unlock that, get those answers when we start asking ourselves the questions. So in a short answer, journaling.

L:  it is powerful, it is powerful. it’s  a powerful way to work with the unconscious, and the thing that I would really like the listeners to understand is that the unconscious has a direct line of communication to the higher self. They’re in constant communication – not the conscious mind and the Higher Self.  so when we can make friends with our  Unconscious, and learn how to communicate with it and get that dialogue going, we have so much more  cooperation and alignment than we can have just with our conscious mind.

D:  Absolutely. I love Linda that you said the word alignment because that is the journey I’ve been on since 2003. We spend so much time up here in our minds that we sometimes neglect the heart. And I recently created a 90-day journaling program that brings people into alignment — mind heart body soul spirit  — because like you said, when we have that cooperation on the physical and the spiritual level, we’re good. We can express our dreams. We can fulfill our purpose. We can be  in service fully and authentically when we’re in alignment. It’s called Journal with Dawn. Go figure.    

But it’s a 90-day journaling program not just to help you get those answers you already have, unlock it, but rewrite your life script and fully integrate your spiritual and physical you.   

L:  Another benefit of having that alignment is really getting inspiration, messages, intuitions, guideposts. Manifestations flow easier… synchronicities. I mean it’s just such a beautiful way to live.

D: It truly is. Staying in present moment awareness is the highest most powerful, magical energy we can experience and so that’s where I try to play most days.

L:  That’s where your presence lies too, in the present moment.

D: So for listeners who are awakened or awakening, Unveiled, my autobiography talks about topics such as kundalini astral projection. It does talk about possession. it’s all, it’s all shades of spiritual awakening. There are challenges that have been overcome, relationships will come and go; all of the things that you may encounter. I talk about angelic intervention, prayers. I talk about various sensations and senses that get heightened, empathy. I do talk about addiction. I was a workaholic for 16 years and what does it  take to overcome addiction. So it is a rich blend of overcoming losses, being challenged, being challenged to fight for your life and also awakening to that beautiful higher self that we have.

L: Beautiful that you mention the shifts that happen in the outer world during awakening because it’s not just snap your fingers and love  and light and your life carries on only better. Your life transforms.

D:  Yes it is a transformation, and one of the first things people notice  when they’re awakening or awakened is what they thought they valued, no longer has meaning. So you have to almost rebuild yourself. where do you find meaning? where do you find purpose? What’s going to make your heart sing when you wake up in the morning? That all is inner work that we have to do to create the new us that takes time. 

And so I share with people the need to be patient and several tools that to help us get clarity on what is my soul purpose, it’s not a rush. Allow it to unfold. It’s not about rushing to do things, and rushing. I see people taking 18-20 courses  a year. Why? You’re the encyclopedia of knowledge.  Honor yourself and allow the universe to find you. Sometimes you got to do nothing. Have you ever had that experience Linda, where you’re doing nothing and then ah I got a solution, I have an idea? Have you had that?

L:  Oh absolutely. You need the space to receive the inspiration.

D:  I’m living proof to that. I had an executive corporate position, director position, and I left that. I walked away with zero clue what I was going to do. I’ve started from ground zero but I listen to spirit and I listen to my heart.

Take time, rediscover your  soul purpose. Don’t rush. Pause once in a while; There’s a divine pause. Let the universe find you  and show you the way and that’s been my journey. Yeah

L: So Dawn, do you think for the people that are wondering about their life purpose or are actively looking for it, do you think that there’s some healing work that they need to do in order to kind of clear that path? Perhaps it’s just, you know, all the pieces aren’t in place yet.

D:  I have a little phrase that I came up with when I decided it was time to teach about spiritual alignment and it goes like this: We are  perfect beings in an imperfect world, therefore we are designed to experience trauma. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who hasn’t had a little bump in the road in the first 10 years  of life… and so because we are perfect beings and we’ve come to this imperfect world, we’re going to have experiences that cause pain, suffering, and loss. it is almost inevitable.

Yes, I believe there is a path. But sometimes that path is covered in weeds, and pebbles, and shrubs, and vines  from the imperfections that has sort of clouded our vision of who we are.

So how do you uncloud  that vision and find your path? There is a journey and inner work you have to do and there’s many  ways to get there as you and I both know Linda.  For some people, it is journaling. For other people, it’s studying a holistic practice. For other people, they may need to sit with someone in counsel.  I’ve seen people transform their lives through art. 

There was a gentleman in Ontario, he was diagnosed  with cancer and he left corporate and started drawing and over the course of two years he went  into remission and he literally said art cured me, and he started a non-profit called Art Cures. So  healing comes in so many ways. Our job is to pay attention to what’s calling us and recognize that life doesn’t happen to us, life happens for us. 

And if we can just go back and look at the lesson, or the blessing or the bigger message in that experience, we’ll begin to see there’s a certain ebb and flow to our life. And so that’s what I do in my journaling program, I encourage people.

First thing we do is we do what I call getting out of the mindset. We sort of recalibrate some beliefs, shift things around a little bit. I have three courses on emotional healing and then we move into what I call spiritual empowerment and spiritual alignment because Linda, if we’re so clouded with the pain of the past, how do we even begin to recognize the path for our purpose?

L:  Absolutely, absolutely. That’s the work I do too.  It’s just extra baggage that clouds our view.    

D: And weighs us down… it weighs us down.

L:  Emotions have weight, absolutely. People are so amazed when they tune in energetically and can feel the weight of what they’re carrying. it’s incredible.

D:  It is incredible. I usually do a one-hour sound bath, and as i’m playing the different instruments, after the session, I invite people in the group to share and it’s like I feel lighter, I feel bigger, I feel i could fly out of the room… because we’ve allowed that heaviness we’ve given our mind a break and we’ve allowed things to release even on an etheric level and an emotional and mental level. We feel lighter, absolutely!

L: I have actually been taller after a sound bath

D: Whoa!

L: Yeah, pretty wild! Yeah, it’s amazing and I know that because when I got into the car afterwards, my head was at the top of of the ceiling of the vehicle. It’s just really wild!

D: Amazing! Oh my, I might have to interview you.

L: Dawn, it has been so much fun having you on the show today. How can people reach you if they would like to?

D:  Well, thank you, Linda. It’s been a pleasure. My main coordinate is www.DawnJames.ca and there you will find all of the books I’ve written on conscious living and spiritual awakening. I do host retreats in Costa Rica, everything from writer’s retreats to wellness retreats. And if anyone’s really interested in exploring awakening through journaling and getting  deeply connected to their spiritual essence, I invite you to check out my 90-day program called  www.journalwithdawn.com. And I meet you live once a month. We have a live soulful chat but www.dawnjames.ca is where you can find all my coordinates to all the things I offer

L: Thank you, Dawn!

D: Thank you, Linda!

L: And thank you for listening to this week’s edition of Exploring the Mystical Side of Life. You will find all of our conversations on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify. Come and visit me at www.thoughtchange.com. Check out my program Alchemy from the Inside Out while you’re there and pick up your free copy of Learning to Listen.  

That’s it for this week. We’ll see you again next time. Bye for now.   

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