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When Your Mind Runs Amok

Summer Grounding
August 2, 2023

Does your mind ever run amok?


The human mind is a vast and intricate tapestry of thoughts, emotions, memories, and desires. At times, it operates as a harmonious symphony, producing a coherent narrative that guides us through life.

And there are times when it feels like the mind has a mind of its own.

When this happens, our thoughts race uncontrollably, emotions spiral, and our inner monologue becomes critical, demeaning, pessimistic… and sometimes worse.

This erratic mental state can be triggered by stress, overwhelm, trauma, substance use, or can be a manifestation of underlying mental health conditions like anxiety or bipolar disorder.

It’s almost as if the conductor of our mental orchestra has momentarily stepped off the podium, allowing the instruments to play their own disjointed tunes. And we can feel powerless to change it in the moment.

Of course, we are not powerless!  We always have choice. In any moment we can learn to center ourselves, come back to our breath, slow e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g down to come back into the present moment, and set to work on releasing triggers, unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs and patterns.  When we do, we’ll find more balance, more residence, and greater possibilities.



Add this tool to your toolbox…


Recently I had a session with a client who had triggered one of those “mind-run-amok” experiences.  She was getting her house ready to go up for sale when her inner child surfaced – fearful, negative and resistant to change. We did some release work on fear, insecurity and feeling unsafe.

During the session my guides popped in and gave her a tool she could use “in the moment” whenever she found herself triggered or heading into a negative state.  I rather like the tool and thought I’d share it with you too.

As soon as you catch yourself sliding into a state of negativity, say to yourself, “Is this what I want to create?”

This is part self-inquiry and self-awareness, and part a commitment to yourself.  It’s also a way to break the state , a pattern interrupt in NLP terms. If you don’t want to create your future from this bubble of negative thoughts, emotions and low vibrations you find yourself in or heading towards, your answer would be “NO.”  

Then ask, “What else is possible?”

No need to answer the second question. You’ve just put the call out to the Universe for something different than what you had been vibrating to in that “run-amok” bubble. Outside that bubble there is a world of possibilities that you can’t see when you resonate with the bubble.

Don’t worry if you didn’t catch yourself early on in your monkey-mind; you can shift your vibration in a moment using this tool… as long as you want to. Sometimes we can be addicted to those low-energy reactions and emotional states, but that is another story…

This is a way to flip your energy and shift your manifestation.  Try it out next time you’re angry, frustrated, worried, lonely or whatever state you you want to shift… and let me know.

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