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Transforming Emotion

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September 4, 2019
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Transforming Emotion

This past summer, we took a trip to the east coast, staying with relatives in Nova Scotia before exploring the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. It was an adventure indeed!

Interesting to stay with my hubby’s side for 3 weeks. My brother-in-law lives with some intense anger issues (past and present) and although I wasn’t intending to do any work on family, I offered., mostly for my own comfort level and for those around me.  Sometimes negative emotions can be invasive and spread like wild fire.  I wanted to enjoy my 3 weeks there!

So one day during an after-work rant, I asked him if he’d like to release his anger. He’s not big into personal transformation or energy work but surprisingly, he said yes and that’s all I needed.   In a few moments, his intense emotion was gone and he was human again.

He really didn’t want to feel that way and he knew it wasn’t healthy for him but he just couldn’t help himself. His actions and perspective felt justified.  The “system” and the people at work didn’t make any sense to him.

So in a few minutes, working with his unconscious and Higher Self, we simply pulled it out. His sister noticed immediately and was astounded at the change.  His tone, his demeanour had changed and he was a whole lot calmer. My sister-in-law  noticed too and thanked me immensely.

Did we get rid of all of his anger?  Probably not.  He’s had a lifetime to accumulate it and he’s held on to it pretty tightly, so this was just the layer that was active and that he was willing to let go. But it was enough to make a difference for him and our stay much more enjoyable.

I’d love to do some forgiveness work with him and help him release more emotions. Maybe some day when he is ready. I can’t want it for him more than he wants it for himself.  A healer never tries to fix you. Only to support you, assist you and help you advance in the transformation you seek. After all, it is your journey and you are here for the experience and your growth as a person and a soul.

If it’s time for you to release some old baggage that is affecting you life in the present, reach out. You might be surprised at what energy medicine and energy psychology can do to shift things. Book a no charge, no obligation call here  or send send me a note here and I will get back to as soon as I can.


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